The Day After Daddy’s Accident

First of all I just have to admit to you dear readers that I think I’m quite addicted to blogging. Very strangely as I was going through all this experience I found small part of my brain forming points for blog posts and thinking of blog post titles.

Thank you for all of your concern and support. It is truly touching to have your concern.
I just got back to work, and I’m writing a quick update because I have work piled up.

Yesterday when I reached the hospital, my dad was sitting up. He was able to sit up a few times throughout the day. Praise God! One prayer answered.

I tried calling SMC and Assunta regarding patient transfer and both hospital procedures were the same. If you wanted to transfer from one hospital to another, your doctor must speak to a doctor in their hospital. When I heard this I started to worry because it took hours to get anything requests met.

I told my sister at the hospital to get things moving and was told the news that they were discharging my dad.

Now let me pause here to force you to picture the scenario. My dad can’t walk, he has some abrasions that were not dressed (ended up infected). In this condition he was discharged and told to go home. Sigh, to look at it positively, I guess there’s a long list of patients waiting for his bed (later when we came back to get a letter we actually saw his bed being occupied by someone else).

Immediately I called SMC to confirm what procedures were needed and what documents were required if my dad was discharged. They said to just bring my dad to the Emergency ward where my dad will be treated and referred to a consultant if necessary, and that they will be expecting him. My uncle, cousin Alvin and me brought dad over to Sunway Medical where he immediately got attention.

Not to say I’m promoting anything or saying anybody is worse (I know that I get what I pay for) but seeing my dad get personal attention immediately gave me a sense of relief. They had to re-dress his wounds, clean him up properly and even stitched up a laceration on his elbow.

He was sent for another round of CT scan and they even took a chest X-ray to confirm no internal injuries.

Unfortunately, after that a lot of critical cases came in, from accident at the theme park, to heart attack, to suicide attempt. So my dad was left there waiting for a medical officer to be free to re-clean his wounds and do the stitches.

Meanwhile my sister and I went back to the Klang hospital to get some documents for insurance purposes and to bring her home to get the other car.

I arrived back in Sunway Medical to see my dad properly bandaged, clean and resting comfortably in a ward. He could even stay awake and talk to some of my family members who visited.

So that’s a second prayer answered!

We are praying for complete recovery and that he will be able to feel less dizzy and eat more today. Also praying that there won’t be any long-term injuries or side effects from this accident.

I will write again tomorrow about my ER experience and the next day a summary post to share what I learned (and what you should know) from this experience.

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