Temptation to Buy Bowling Ball

It seems there’s a conspiracy to take away my hard earned money.

I’m so close (like a few hours away) to buying myself one of these:

Brunswick Power Groove Reactive Pink Pearl

The Brunswick Power Groove Reactive entry level performance ball.

I asked around, and the price for this baby is RM 400. The online retail price in the US is around $62, so they’re selling it for double the price. However, factor in the shipping fees and it comes to the same.

Here are my (wild) justifications for why I want (need) a bowling ball:

1. I’m bowling regularly now. It’s time to get my own equipment.

2. Using a different bowling ball (with different finger fitting and weight) each time I bowl makes it hard to bowl consistently.

3. I am picking up bad habits and can’t get a smooth release because I don’t have a ball that is fitted for my hand.

4. A ball with reactive coverstock will grip the lane better, which allows the ball to enter the pocket at a better angle, which should produce more strikes, which will improve my average.

5. Honestly I think having my own ball shows I’m serious about the game. And I’m not afraid (though a little ashamed) to admit, I would feel very proud about it.

6. If I do get a high performance ball later, this ball can also be used as a spare ball.

I am choosing an entry level performance ball because is suitable for my current skill level. I might not be able to control a pro level ball.

The only things that cause me to hesitate are:

1. Getting a ball means I have to get a bag (RM100++)

2. There’s extra charges for finger inserts and drilling (RM50)

3. I’m not sure if the drilling will be done correctly or not

4. I’ll probably want to get a pair of shoes while I’m there (RM150++)

5. Still undecided on the ball weight

6. Still looking at other brands (may consider if can get a better deal)

7. The ball is not ‘cool’ enough. Maybe something like a skull bowling ball would be interesting. But then again, a skull ball probably won’t hook at all.

All in all, I’m looking at spending a minimum of RM700 *gulp*

And RM700 will look really nice sitting in my retirement account.


Actually my dad passed me his bowling ball. It’s a (classic) Brunswick Black Beauty rubber ball. It think it was in production 25 years ago.

I love the ball because it fits my hand perfectly, but the problem is it’s too heavy (16 pounds!).

I tried using it once, but I’m not as strong as daddy. I couldn’t release the ball smoothly (imagine a loud THUNK) and I ended up really short of breath after a few games.

So here I am again. Should I buy the bowling equipment? Should I save the money? Should I get an iPod touch? (hey how did that come in the picture).

Bowling, old age. Strikes, sustenance. A game, survival or poverty. High scores, high quality of life. Short term pleasure, long term gain.

* mesmerized…. by… shiny… ball…*

2 thoughts on “Temptation to Buy Bowling Ball”

  1. go ahead. divide it by three or more ( you n yr kids, it will only cost RM200plus per person n this ball is something durable that can b passed down the generations 🙂

    Adino: Good idea! Hehe.

    Anyway I got it already (check out the next blog post)

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