Temporary Amnesia

I don’t really know what happened this morning.

One moment I was driving out of the condo, and the next moment I come to my senses and I’m already halfway to work.

What happened to those 10 minutes of my time?

I have four theories:

  1. I teleported
  2. I have temporary amnesia
  3. There’s a glitch in the ‘program’. None of this is real. We are all living in a virtual world created by machines who have enslaved humans to harvest energy from our bodies.
  4. I have stumbled across a pocket of electro magnetic energy. “STOP THE DRILLING”. “I’m going to detonate a H-Bomb at the Swan station”. *white flash*

Which of the above happened to me?

5 thoughts on “Temporary Amnesia”

  1. you got kidnapped by aliens lah, thats why you ‘lost’ the 10 minutes lo! dun believe me ask mulder

    Adino: Maybe… I wonder if they implanted anything inside my body.

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