Taxi Driver Bullied Me

I was not very happy yesterday.

On my way home from work, a taxi driver took offense at me going into his lane and started to honk at me and flash his highlights at me. I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just a normal lane change at the traffic lights. He wasn’t moving and I needed to turn right so I cut in to his lane.

I looked in the rear view mirror and he was scolding me and gesturing angrily from his car. Not being intimidated, I stared at him as he continued his ranting in his car.

The lights turned green, and then the car in front of me stalled. I can’t move but the taxi driver thought I stopped on purpose. More honking, and more flashing of highlight beams.

When the light turned red again, he opened his car door, wanting to come out of his car. Somehow he changed his mind and he stopped. More angry gesturing. Some pointing, saying “You watch out”.

By now, I realized that this guy was crazy. I prepared myself for a fight, sizing him up and looking for any weapons in my car. Sadly, the only thing I had was my umbrella or my pocket Swiss army knife. “Oh,” I thought, “the screwdriver will surely come in handy now!”

The guy was a fat Singh in a red turban. Looked quite big size but I think I can out maneuver him. His state of emotions was so full of anger that he’d probably do something stupid. I could definitely outwit him. If it came to blows, I think I could claw my way to victory. If he had a weapon, I was dead.

All these things were running through my mind as the light turned green. We passed the traffic lights, and the blinking fool forced me off to the side of the road.

As he passed by, he gestured for me to pull over. I glared at him, and slowed down my car since he was blocking me off.

When I got enough space, I calmly drove off leaving him stopped at the side of the road. I wanted to speed away, but I had to show a little bit of pride and dignity. I didn’t want to seem scared or to show that he affected me.

After that I was quite shaken because when I thought about it… I could have ended up in today’s newspaper.

Page 34: Man Killed by Road Bully, Killer Evades Capture.

KUALA LUMPUR: A man was killed by a road bully yesterday. Witnesses saw a big dark taxi driver dragging a Chinese man around before slashing him with a knife. As usual everybody watched but no one bothered to help. But hey, we are friendly Malaysians.

Commenting on this, the Prime Minister called for increase in police patrols, and promised better driver education.

“We will launch a mega project soon to handle all these problems. I promise 10 billion to build a driver education system”, he said.

The Prime Minister then had to rush off to Perth in his private jet for an important appointment.

The Chinese man leaves behind a gorgeous wife and a cute Shih Tzu.

If you ever see a white and blue taxi (Proton Iswara) driven by a large Singh man… remember what he did to me.

I have to confess that last night when I came home, I complained to my wife and some rather unclean words came out of my mouth. A lot of evil thoughts ran through my head. I said a lot of curses upon that man and his family. I have confessed my sins to God, and as I write this He is prompting me to forgive this man.

I feel very insecure right now. I feel like a victim. I am in fear of what he could do to me if he saw my car again.

Is it illegal to carry a parang in my car?

8 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Bullied Me”

  1. Anything longer than 6″ is consider illegal. Don’t even think about it.
    Pepper spray will be a good idea.

    Adino: Okay… I’ll go get some for my wife and I

  2. eh but people do carry iron 7 in their car, just say it’s used for driving ranges

    Adino: 7 iron is a good idea… but I have no money to buy one of those expensive golf clubs

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