Sushi In My Room

I took some photos of my pet Shih Tzu Sushi:

“Roar!!! I’m a lion!”

“You are feeling sleepy… give me a biscuit now….”

“Did I hear the sound of daddy coming home?”

“How much are you paying me for this photo shoot?”

10 thoughts on “Sushi In My Room”

  1. Miniature pinscher are hyperactive..
    and loves barking.. Hhahaha

    wah.. u are so fast in replying..
    Yeah, I have categorized my posts and most of his photos are under the “Doggy” Category.

    He has a blog on his own too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Adino: Of course la… I love people who comment ma. Anyway this comment was marked as spam because of the links :p I will go and visit later. I love pictures of doggies!

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