Stuffed with Biscuits

Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!

I’m back from my Chinese New Year hiatus. Every day I’ve been thinking about all of you readers and suffering from blogging withdrawal symptoms.

It was a horrible 4 hour journey back to Ipoh. We went back on the 1st day of CNY and it was full of cars from Sungai Buloh all the way to Slim River. Yucks. Next year we will probably travel at 4am or something.

I’m going back to work today. I know that most of you will still be on holiday. And that has got me all depressed this morning.

I think I’ve gained a couple of kilograms from all the biscuits and cookies I’ve been eating. My favourite is ‘nga ku’ which kind of looks like potato chips but lighter and crunchier. Second favourite is the can of sweet pineapple tarts wrapped in buttery crumble pastry.

I also ate too much during the various Chinese New Year meals. I actually went up to 88kg after the reunion dinner. What an auspicious number.

I know I know, 88kg is excessive. But I don’t think it was permanent. After a day of ‘clear’ food and a reduction of cookie intake, I have gone back to my normal weight (which is slightly less than 85kg 😛 ).

Enough with all this weight talk. I know I’m making some of us feel guilty.

I’ve got to go now, but tomorrow I will be telling you some of the juicy stories I’ve heard this Chinese New Year.

Stay tuned.

P/S: Doesn’t Sushi my Pants-less Shih Tzu look all cute and cuddly?

10 thoughts on “Stuffed with Biscuits”

  1. Ur Sushi sure look cute with the clothe on!! I also back to work yesterday, felt so terrible too!!! Hey, u can loose 3kg within 1 day? How? Teach me!!! I also ate lots of cake during CNY and the worst is I got some more in my fridge!!

    Adino: 3kg? I think most of that wasn’t ‘permanent’ weight… it was from the food I’ve been eating.

  2. 4 hour jam is bad, but predictable since u traveled on peak days. I also put on a bit of weight with all the walups. But its once a year and its okay to indulge a bit.

    Haven’t have time to post much – without internet at home and in my hometown. But will sneak a few soon. BTW u now have my new email (the old ones is really flooded with spams).

    Adino: Time for exercise and diet!

    I’ve updated your new email to my address book.

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