Still Awake

I’m up late tonight, trying to download AVG free to install in my sister’s laptop. I plan to put in the antivirus and then run Windows update overnight.

I’m so bored with waiting that I looked through my photo album and found this cute photo of baby Rachel.

This photo was taken a few months back, before she learned how to crawl and climb. Ahh, those were the luxurious days when she would stay in the same spot without complaining.

I think my sleepiness is making me a bit mischievous haha….

10 thoughts on “Still Awake”

  1. hahaa.. LOL =D yea it melts.. but abit too fat.. LOL =D and too expensive!!! hahahah =D

    Adino: Maybe we can eat it like once every few years.

  2. aww, so peaceful and cute. Do you know where I can get resonable baby items? such books and toys? thanks

    Adino: I don’t know of any specific places, but we usually wait for baby fairs in shopping complexes or warehouse sales to stock up on stuff. For books there is a book store in Amcorp Mall called Book Excess, that sells locally printed versions of books at a cheap price.

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