Someone Stole My Identity!

I’m super angry with Astro (the company with a monopoly on Malaysia’s satellite TV market) right now.

I’m so angry you couldn’t cool me down even if you were Vanilla Ice. An entire Haagen Daaz buffet won’t slow the hot blood pumping through my veins.

After I sold off my apartment in Subang (this was almost three years ago), I terminated my Astro account. I don’t remember if I did this over the phone or wrote a letter, but I’m sure it was done.

Last year when I applied for a new Astro account in my new condo in Kelana Jaya, I was told that I was blacklisted because I owed almost RM300. Okay, fine I thought. Perhaps there was some mix up after I terminated my account last time and they billed me extra.

I decided to let it go and just pay so I can start the account without any hassle.

Today, I got a call from some debt collection company that I owe RM165 to an unknown Astro account under my name and IC number.

After calling Astro (getting through is an amazing feat in itself), I asked why I was still being billed when I had terminated the account. I asked where the charges are coming from.

I was told that my old account number A was actually terminated due to a damaged smart card complaint, and a new account number B was created in October 2007.

I never knew any of this!

I told the customer rep that I am not going to pay a single cent, and he said he is referring this case to his team leader.

How can Astro re-activate my account without my permission? As far as I was concerned, the account was terminated. Why should it be allowed to be reactivated in the first place?

This is a serious breach of privacy and trust!

I am so angry right now!

As I am writing this, my real estate agent has given us the contact of the new owner of my previous apartment. Apparently he had rented the apartment to some students.

I am trying to get the name and IC numbers of the students to make a police report.

I am also preparing to make a report to the consumer tribunal if I am forced to pay the money.

I am a hair-trigger away from canceling all Astro services. I am confident I can survive on torrents alone.

Update: I am calling Astro again right now (on hold for the last 10 15 minutes!) to terminate the fraud account.

Update 2: During my call, a nice lady helped me to suspend the account, and refer this case to the fraud department. She confirmed that I have lodged a call to terminate the account before.

The new apartment owner is very nice and helpful, and will try to go after his ex-tenants.

Sigh… I’m having the most horrible week. I think so far only Pablo knows what happened to me last week. If you know what he does for a living, then you may guess what happened.

Photo: Peter Szustka

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