Some Day

Well, today we confirmed that Poey Chin is not pregnant. We were wondering a few days ago if she was pregnant because she was having some symptoms.

A part of me felt relief (the part which handles the finance), but mostly I feel disappointed. Don’t worry I’m not really depressed or anything.

It felt really exciting for the past few days. It was like a secret between the both of us (and those readers who read my last blog post). It was fun and I kept thinking about the children in my dream.

I feel like I lost something. I miss them now.

I spent the last hour writing this song. It’s a rough draft, and if I want to fit it to a melody I’ll probably have to change some words, but the basic theme is there. I almost cried while writing the verses.

It’s a song I am writing to my future baby.

*Piano intro*

Your light brown hair,
Your bright round eyes,
Your toothless smile,
Your fair chubby skin,
Your ten toe nails,
Your fresh baby smell…
I’ll meet you… Some day….

Some day… according to God’s plan,
I will hold you in my hands,
We will walk in the park,
Be scared of the dark,
Some day… we will thank the Lord above,
That we have each other’s love,
I will be there for you…
Some day.

Verse 2:
Your first smile,
Will bring tears to my eyes,
Your first steps,
Will burst my heart with pride,
Your first painting,
Will be my priceless masterpiece,
I’m just can’t wait,
For the first time I’ll see you

Chorus 2:
Some day… according to God’s plan,
We will hold hand in hand,
We will go to the park,
Camp in the dark,
Some day… we will thank the Lord above,
That we have each other’s love,
I am still there for you…
Some day.

Verse 3:
You will grow tall,
And I won’t be cool at all,
You’ll get your first date,
But no coming home late,
You’ll meet that special one,
And leave me and mom,
I will just be thankful for,
Someone is there for you…

Chorus 3:
Some day… according to God’s plan,
You will hold your child in your hands,
You will go to the park,
Be scared of the dark,
Some day… you will thank the Lord above,
That you have each other’s love,
And you’ll know what it meant to wait…
For some day….

*strings come in play the chorus… and fade*


13 thoughts on “Some Day”

  1. man, when you get kids, you have to promise me as your friend of soooooooooo many years, u’ll let me indulge them.l0ol, and if u don’t, i’ll mogok, and still indulge them.and you’ll definately be a good father, and a Godly one too.

    Adino: Yeah, make sure Uncle JL don’t teach them those Canadian accent and fart jokes hehe

  2. aww yes i know a couple who have been trying to have a baby for a while now with no luck. maybe your baby is just waiting for the best time to come and surprise you!

    and my doggie Arisu says hi! shes my baby girl and at first i let her hair grow out and she was so cute but then summer came and it is so hot so i cut their hair down and will let it grow again in another month or so. i can see she enjoys having the short hair though!

    Adino: Hi Yvette and Arisu! I bet she was really active and naughty once her long coat of hair was gone. My Sushi is always running and jumping around when we cut his hair.

  3. Aww, sounds like you’re so ready to become a daddy 🙂 Yeah, I know, finances can be a real scary thing. I just hope that when it’s my turn to get those “false alarms”, my man don’t go whooping and shouting “HALLELUJAH!! THANK THE LORD!!” :p

    Adino: Hehe… by the way when’s your big day?

  4. It’s beautiful!

    It really is. Can’t wait to hear it. *wink!*

    Adino: Hehe… by the way our band needs to start writing more songs.

  5. definitely look to God’s perfect timing! i (as in we) understand all too well the anxiety, like i always say, mau tak mau sentiments. anyway, thank God we have Him to look to!

    Adino: You’re right, we as children of God have the advantage of the Divine Comforter.

  6. my goodness, i never did any fart jokes with u guys…. ok, maybe a bit….. or some…. thats it, i’ll just teach them survival 101 according to uncle JL…. your poor sister

    Adino: Survival 101? Ok la I send them to Canada for some winter survival training. All sponsored by Uncle JL ok? Hehe…

  7. for sure, they are always welcome here, as are you and your family…. food,lodging, transportation(within canada) all provided, u just pay to book the plane

    Adino: Thank you 🙂 Maybe one day we will have to come to Canada as refugees… one day there could be terrible persecution here. Sigh…

  8. Helo PC & Bro in law,

    Dun be dissapointed. What will come will come and things are arranged at the rite time in a rite way.
    Isnt that how both of you encounter each other in life?

    And really envy the baby ya.. before born alr got a song for him/ her?
    No preference ya.. 😉

    Take k and enjoy the honey moon period.


    Luv to both of u.. 😉

    Adino: Hello Shan! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement… don’t worry I guess you all will be the first to know.

  9. wuah.i am so impressed with the song..but i couldnt downlad the pics for the renovation post 🙁

    Adino: Sigh… so disappointed ma… I wonder what happen to the pics. Seems fine to me.

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