Sleepy, Sneezy and Forgetful

That’s almost half of the seven dwarfs! Just want to get a few things off my chest:

1.  I feel very tired today. I think the frequent interruptions at night are taking a toll on my body. Effect is (-2 on Intelligence, -5 on Agility, -4 on maximum Stamina)

2. I’m not feeling well. Perhaps a mild flu. I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, sneezing and starting to cough. I’d better to stay away from baby today. Effect is (-2 Stamina and -1 Strength each hour that passes)

3. I forgot to bring my packed lunch and glasses to work today. That means I have blurred eyesight and I’m going to be hungry. I will probably get a headache from eye strain later in the evening. Effect is (-3 on Intelligence).

4. My new project at work has started. I have to learn how to write programs in a Java J2EE environment. I’m seeing a lot of beans and question marks. And Izzie can’t handle being a WebSphere server at the same time.

5. I can’t go home early to rest tonight. I’ve got to go to Dream Centre for children’s church worship team rehearsal. I’ve got to drive at night without my glasses. If you see a black WiiRa on the road this evening, stay out of the way!

6. My Perfect Warrior alliance on Facebook sucks. We keep getting looted because the alliance leaders send everyone out to attack, leaving no one to defend the base.

7. I want to start doing sponsored posts again, but not on this blog. Should I invest in another domain? Or should I sacrifice my Frugal Beagle blog?

8. I calculated today that my WiiRa takes me 11km/litre of petrol. That’s abysmal, considering that a Honda City I-DSI promises 26km/litre.


Photo: Jenny Rollo

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  1. *joins Adino in an adjacent *boat**
    …and my feed reader is bursting at its seams…

    Adino: *puts up a sail, and let the wind carry me to wherever it leads*

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