I’m not feeling too good today, because:

  1. I’m too sleepy. Last night I didn’t get a good night’s rest.
  2. My to-do list at work has 7 items on it, and I have to complete it by today.
  3. My web stats have returned to normal. That’s quite depressing.
  4. Nobody (except BengBeng and Leishia) seems to be reading *sob sob*


Happy August everybody! Now the countdown to Merdeka Day (Independence Day) has begun! Look out for all sorts of attempts by the government to force people to behave patriotic! First round: buildings not displaying the national flag will be publicly shamed on TV.


One of my projects at work has to be delayed because the $@% users refused to give me requirements at the start, and now they are adding more and more features to the system. I’m probably going to fail my objectives, and lose points at my annual appraisal.


4 thoughts on “Sigh…”

  1. u know the thing about ur blog i like? is that it’s so REAL TIME! gives me adrenaline high!

    Adino: Ya, live from KL. Hehe… I’m actually a very hard working staff at my company. This is my toilet break time. *glance around to see if boss around*

  2. I am a reader too lah. Dont be depressed, blogs are not just for others to read but also a kind of online journal of your own mah. So if no one reads (like my blog), it is okay. It is just a creative expression much like the many millions of books unread in our libraries.

    Adino: True, true… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i am one of them, i matter don’t I? hahaahhah just go on n keep it up. yr writing style is good.

    Adino: Thanks. But still got lots of things to sigh about. Anyway I’m glad the day is over. Tomorrow’s going to be a better day!

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