Sick Today

I’m not feeling well.

I’ve been sneezing non stop since yesterday morning, and my eyes are tearing and feels painful.

What a way to spend the last-minute-declared holidays.

Can get MC today or not?

Anyway, I still have to go to work today. Things are getting really busy, so I won’t have much time to look after my blog this week.

If you must know, I’m working on a new module on my office system. I have about two months to complete the entire thing, but I’m rushing to get the boring stuff out of the way so I can have extra time to put in some nice Web 2.0 effects.

5 thoughts on “Sick Today”

  1. Get well soon…
    P.S. what is that white collar-like thing around the dog?

    Adino: Thanks Freiddie. The white collar thing is applied on all dogs when they’re sick or injured. It is to stop them from licking their wounds, or scratching their wounds.

    On Sushi my Jedi Shih-Tzu, the white collar has a magical paralyzing effect. He just sits there and refuses to move or lie down lol!

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