Shameful Searches #1

Have I mentioned before that my website is ranked quite highly for the search term “naughty wife photos“? The post is one of my most popular posts… you can read it there from my side bar.

I still get 2 or 3 incoming readers a day from that search term.

Recently, there has been a disturbing trend of people coming to look for “undressing boys“! See the following screen capture of my NuffNang analytics.

Okay, I give the searcher the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is a first time mother who has no idea how to change her son’s clothes.

Maybe some naughty boy has got salad dressing spilled all over himself and she needs help to remove the salad dressing.

But then again, this is like the third time I’m receiving such links.

Now that I think about it, this could be the reason why my website had its PR reduced. Maybe all these ‘naughty’ terms are getting me labelled as a bad blog.

I wonder if the searcher found what he or she was looking for. I hope I don’t look like a boy. I don’t want to be in some guy’s sick fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Shameful Searches #1”

  1. your PR drop has nothing to do with undressing boys lah..everybody got screwed by Google

    Adino: Mine is zero now… really sien and luan… don’t know what to do…

  2. Once, people search my blog with “How to cut a papaya” .. funny right ?

    Adino: Hahahaha… that’s really weird. You should write a post on how to cut papaya la then… or if you don’t want to… I offer to write the post “5 Ways to Cut a Papaya” hehehe

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