Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3 JV9 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies

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This morning I received the welcome news via KeeMan’s blog about the Android Gingerbread JV9 update for Samsung Galaxy S.

Okay I know I’m a week late but I was on holiday and didn’t have my computer.


I plugged in my phone, opened Kies and was greeted with this screen:

sgs gingerbread update screen 1

If you don’t see any updates, make sure you have the latest version of Kies (this link is for Malaysia version phones only).

Finally, the long awaited update! I clicked Update and out came this long warning message.

sgs gingerbread update screen 2

I proceeded to minimize the Kies window and backed up my files and photos just in case something went wrong.

Here are the steps to proceed with the upgrade:

1. Click Start Upgrade. A screen will come up asking you to backup your data. You should backup any files you can’t afford to lose.

I skipped the backup because I had already backed up my photos, and my contacts are already synched with my Google Contacts account.

sgs gingerbread update screen 3

2. Kies will then proceed to download the firmware files and you will see the following screens:

sgs gingerbread update screen 4

sgs gingerbread update screen 5

3. Once download is complete, it will start flashing the new firmware on your phone. You will see a yellow downloading sign on your phone, and the following screen on your computer. Guard your phone with your life! This is a critical stage.

sgs gingerbread update screen 6

4. Less than five minutes later, the phone update should be completed. You will see a confirmation screen as follows, and your phone will have some geeky looking yellow text.

sgs gingerbread update screen 7

5. Your phone will then auto-restart and stay at the “Galaxy S” logo for 5 minutes. Wait for it to complete (and pray hard) because the upgrade is still in progress.

If you want, you can hold your phone’s hand, ask it to breathe and PUSH!

6. When the phone boots, you will be asked to do some setup. I just chose English (US), then clicked ‘Next’ all the way until Finish (because the settings were the same).

sgs gingerbread update screen 8

7. Ta-da! Firmware upgraded to DXJV9. Check out the new icons on the notification bar.

sgs gingerbread update screen 9



28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3 JV9 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies”

  1. I updated the OS on the weekend and I tried to connect to WIFI this morning. The connection kinda floctuate a bit. I was having so much issues with Facebook and downloading songs which did not happen when I have Froyo.
    I read an article from the net that Gingerbread sucks with wifi because its main purpose is to block wireless connection. (I hope this is not true) πŸ™
    I have seen and felt the difference between froyo and gingerbread. and I started to fall in love with gingerbread.

    πŸ™ I’m crossing all my fingers that the wifi in the mall is the one causing this ruckus.

  2. Now malaysia galaxy s is lastet update version is what?DXJV9?or update have?my phone is second hand i finish do factory rest…so no have register….what can i do.i use kies show lastest update…kies are also updated…if i use odin update myself any problem for sim card?

    Adino: Hi, yeah I think JV9 is the latest (and last) update for SGS. Don’t think there will be any more updates for the phone. Should not have problem with SIM card if you use Odin to install other versions.

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