Rachel’s Mini Play Gym

What a wonderful morning are having today. The weather is cool with a slight drizzle and I just feel like staying in bed all day. Well I expect quite a few people will be calling in sick to work today.

Today I will share with you a series of photos titled the Mini Play Gym. There is a play mat, and there’s a musical toy.

I love my soft cuddly play mat, and daddy forgot to button me up again.

Rachel loves to reach up to grab the little bee. The musical toy will light up and play some music each time it is touched. 

A wider view of the musical toy that was a gift from Rachel’s kai ma (god mother) Sook Fong

She’s listening to the music, I imagine she’s trying to ‘play the instrument’, looking at the lights. And yes, she’s wearing another dress!

She gets bored after a while and quick as lightning, starts to turn over.

I’m the happiest baby in the world!

3 thoughts on “Rachel’s Mini Play Gym”

  1. Looks like Rachel’s starting to have some fun!

    Adino: Yes she is! But she gets bored really fast so we have to give her something else to play with

  2. like father like daughter…
    don worry..she will know how to sing…play all kinds of instruments…with guidance of her papa and mama ritte??hehe

    Adino: If she likes music then we will teach her la. It is a useful skill for her.

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