Rachel’s Latest Baby Photos

Here are some more photos of baby Rachel.

In her third month, she has achieved several developmental milestones.

As usual, descriptions and captions are under the photo.

Baby Rachel can now turn over to her tummy on her own, but she can’t turn the other way yet.

She can now put her hands together, and she’s beginning to realize that she has fingers

She likes to put things in her mouth, her favourite chew toys are her fingers and thumbs. Even daddy and mama’s fingers are not spared.

She responds by smiling and making baby talk when she sees us. 

We heard her laugh for the first time. It was a wonderful sound, and made me forget about all those months of crying.

She can now grasp objects in her hand (she’s not grasping anything in this photo)

Her neck is strong enough to hold her head up at a 90 degrees angle

She’s become cuter and more adorable

I hope she grows more hair so we can start to let her wear dresses

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