Pleasant Surprises

It’s always nice to get pleasant surprises.

The sort of surprise where you find someone has done something nice for you, or someone has bought you a gift. The pleasant feeling realizing that something good has happened for no apparent reason.

It’s that wonderful warm feeling that just brings a smile to your face and the sort of thing that makes you feel good for the whole day.

Last weekend (while this blog was going up and down like a roller coaster due to web server maintenance) I had two pleasant surprises.

On Saturday night, I attended a church member’s wedding in Cyberjaya. I sat down at my table. I turned to check out the other tables (not scanning for girls ok… scanning for people I know).

Lo and behold (and, might I add, super gold!) who should I see in front of me but Josh! So happy la I tell you. He introduced me to his friends as the ‘famous blogger Adino Chang’. They stared at me with indifference so I guess I wasn’t that famous after all.

Josh finally got to meet my wife Poey Chin, and gave me a tip about making sure I massage her properly to ease her third trimester back aches.

But I’m worried… if I get too good at this massage thing, Poey Chin might get pregnant again really soon


Another pleasant surprise was seeing my secondary school classmate Hannah Yeoh running for the Subang state seat as a DAP candidate. I was on my way with my wife to eat some burger at SS19 when I saw her poster.

My wife said, “Wah, this DAP candidate very pretty.”

“Got as pretty as you meh,” I asked while taking a peek.

I hope I didn’t stare too long because I think I stopped walking for a while to look at the photo. “Looks like my ex-classmate la,” I told Poey Chin.

Tseow Suan was the head prefect of our school. I can tell you that she is the right person for Subang Jaya. I have never seen someone with such integrity.

You would think, being head prefect, that her best friends could get away with anything. But no. She didn’t bend the rules a tiny bit for them.

She had the leadership qualities even when she was a teenager, and she organized a lot of community projects as a member of the school Leo club.

She grew up in Subang Jaya, so she knows exactly what the town needs. Check out her blog for some updates on her campaign.

I don’t know if she remembers me though… I was kind of invisible in school. Update: She does remember me!

But I’m happy and proud for her. I would be glad to have her represent my concerns and rights in the state assembly.

So if you’re from Subang, remember to vote for change.

13 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprises”

  1. Nice reunion, sort of. It’s really hard to see one’s classmates/schoolmates nowadays…

    Adino: I didn’t actually meet her, we just exchanged an email


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