In the past few weeks, Rachel has claimed the piano as her new toy (sorry neighbours).

She doesn’t play anything “real”, mostly hitting the keys at random.

At least she can reach the keyboard now.

She’s getting the hang of it… she knows how to make sounds by hitting as hard as she can.

She’s got this look of concentration whenever she plays the piano. Actually she has this look whenever she does something naughty.

Secretly I wish she’s saying, “Don’t disturb me daddy, I’m composing a song for you”

Eb… Eb… Thank you for the music…

From the top she actually looks like she’s playing. Maybe I will use this photo if Poey Chin ever decides to come out with a “Teach Your Baby Piano” training ebook. Available now for my blog readers at a special price of $29.95. FREE autographed baby diaper if you ORDER NOW!

“Baby… play like this. See how mama play?”

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are”

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