Parenting Reflections Part One

I’m feeling so helpless. I feel like I can’t keep up.

And this is just me, who comes home in the evening and leaves in the morning. My wife has to stay with baby Rachel the whole day. Slowly but surely, baby is starting to wear down even Poey Chin the super mama.

Recently baby has become so active, crawling everywhere and climbing everything. Poey Chin told me that baby Rachel is beginning to explore her environment. There is nothing wrong with this, but there are certain areas in our home that are not safe or not so hygienic.

We tell her “Dirty dirty”, or “dangerous” but she does not even pay attention to us. Sometimes she will pause, give us a cheeky grin and proceed with her mission.

Now that I think about it, her favourite places to crawl to are the places we specifically forbid her to go, like the trash can or the floor mats.

I’m really frustrated that I can’t communicate properly with baby Rachel. She just does whatever she wants to do and we’re powerless to stop her unless we physically remove her from the place or distract her with something else.

When I’m too tired I just lie down and block her with my body but she climbs over me… sometimes giving me a kick in the face for good measure.

On one hand, I know that she doesn’t understand yet so we can’t blame her. On the other hand, we don’t want to spoil her by letting her do whatever she wants.

I always thought that training a baby will be like training a puppy. How easy it was to train Sushi when he was a puppy. I just needed to speak in a stern tone and Sushi would freeze immediately. He would follow me around and would do anything for a biscuit or a toy.

I just have to say “go inside” and Sushi will go in his cage. I just have to stroke him and say “sleep sleep” and Sushi will lie down and go to sleep.

I was so wrong. Babies are different. They have their own will, and they don’t give a care for your stern voices or toys. Every night and every nap time is like a wrestling match with us trying to make baby Rachel lie down and go to sleep. If she doesn’t sleep then she gets more and more cranky.

But she keeps pushiing herself up and climbing the crib walls. Is every baby so strong willed and stubborn, or is it just my daughter?

Any sort of plans or social events will now have to take a back seat because we’re so tired and baby is so unpredictable.

In summary, my parenting reflections at this moment in time is a feeling of tiredness and helplessness. Sometimes this leads to frustration on my part. I’m so tired. My wife is so tired.

Will it get harder?

But as her father I can tell that this daughter of mine is going to be a strong willed girl. She’s probably going to do things her own way, and not going to submit easily. I foresee a lot of nagging on my part.

7 thoughts on “Parenting Reflections Part One”

  1. I’m not gonna spoil the *fun* for you but I can tell you this. Although it will get more challenging, you will learn a lot as you go along, but the rewards will be more than fulfilling! Enjoy it!

    Adino: In the midst of the baby crying and hard work, there are certainly many wonderful moments we have with baby Rachel. I agree, these ‘rewards’ (when they come) make everything worth it.

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