Out and About Part 2

Some random photos to share.

We’ve found a nice neighbourhood mamak shop that is clean and well-ventilated.

We used to go to another shop, but after eating all our clothes will have a greasy smell. And cigarette smoker has nowhere to go.

So we like this new shop. It’s airy, open and the kids have proper baby chairs.

at our neighbourhood mamak

Once in a while we will go for dim sum. We found this nice restaurant in Damansara Uptown.

dim sum 1

Service is quick, the place is air-conditioned and food is nice. They also accept credit card payment, which is an indicator of the price we have to pay for all those amenities.

dim sum 2

If the kids behave after breakfast (meaning no screaming or fighting), we will spend some time at the playground.

playground 1

Daryl is old enough to start playing together with Rachel.

I think there are two factors: he can finally run and keep up with her, and he can start talking so she understands him.

playground 2

I love this photo of Daryl because he seems so grown up. He’s no longer a baby.

daryl haircut and drink 1

We bought him a drink to reward him for being so well-behaved when having his hair cut.

daryl haircut and drink 2

We will have an Indian meal at least once every weekend. We will either buy from a vegetarian Indian stall or we will go for banana leaf.

We found a new banana leaf restaurant opened near our condo.

banana leaf



4 thoughts on “Out and About Part 2”

  1. haha…love the phrase ‘proper baby chairs’… so true and so hard to find these days! 😛

    Adino: Hehe I should have added that they need to be clean too!

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