My Wish List

I’m not trying to hint at anything, or anyone particular, and I’m not asking anyone to be obligated here. I’m just trying to be efficient and honest.

You know, in case some of my family and friends reading this blog wonder what I would like.

My wish list is:

  1. Dinner at my favourite restaurant KFC (I’ll indulge in three pieces of chicken please)
  2. A pair of thick black stretchable socks (both of my current pairs have holes in them)
  3. A white work shirt, XL size and not too transparent please.
  4. AA batteries for my Wii-mote.
  5. Sausages. I love sausages!
  6. Someone to join/add me in Facebook Mob Wars and Safari Scraps.

There you have it, my simple wish list for this year.

P/S: I don’t mind a bit more of these

Photo: Ove Tøpfer

12 thoughts on “My Wish List”

  1. wah, first time seeing such a simple and undemanding wish list.. you’ll surely be happy man coz i’m sure all will be fulfilled (easily)!

    *waves hi at poey chin jie jie too*

    Adino: Haha… looks more like a grocery shopping list!

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