My Weird Obsessions

BengBeng tagged me with this meme all the way back in April. I thought I’d better get this done before I do GT’s tag.

It’s funny that he tagged me with an Obsessions meme, because a long time ago in my Geocities ‘home page’ I had a section called Obsessions. I would write about what had taken my attention that month. I would give things an “obsession rating”.

Anyway, here are some of the things about my obsessions. Don’t send me to Tanjung Rambutan ok?

1. I hate the ‘Tab’ key

I hate programmers who indent their code using Tab. Indenting your code means writing programs with the proper spaces for easy reading. For example,

function DoWhatNow (bedTime) {

    if (time > bedTime) {


    } else {




The proper way to do it is to use four spaces each level. Some people use Tab, which translates to eight spaces in Windows and four spaces in Unix! Some people don’t even bother to indent code.

The only use for my Tab key is the shortcut key for ‘Force Lightning‘ in my Jedi Academy game (muahaha).

2. Programming Neat Freak

All my program code is meticulously indented (refer #1), with standard naming convention, proper comments, and standard casing. Standard casing means every word must look the same.

For example, if my program uses the word “if” in small caps, I will go through every single line of code to make sure there are no “If”, “IF”, or *gasp* “iF”.

All screen elements must line up properly, have a standard font and must be of equal size.

When I take over other people’s program… I actually spend time to re-type and reformat their programming code. I call it assimilation (resistance is futile). 50% of time doing this and 50% of time doing the actual program modifications and testing. But the advantage is, next time I touch this program I can do things four times faster cos I know where to find everything.

One year my boss told me I write “beautiful coding” *proud*

3. Cecilia

I want to name my daughter Cecilia, or at least a name starting with C so that I can call her CC. Poey Chin refuses to allow this.

I used to think Cecilia Cheung was the most talented actress and singer. Well, now I think she’s a talented actress but not such a good singer. When her last album came out I went to almost 10 music stores looking for it.

This was before I met my wife. And before she married that Nicholas Tse.

By the way this is the first mention of Cecilia Cheung in this blog. Just for SEO kicks, I wonder if people will search for naughty photos of Cecilia Cheung here.

4. Victoria

Yes, that Victoria Adams. I used to think she was the best Spice Girl when I was a teenager. That was until she married that David guy. I heard he plays football or something. And then she started looking like a skeleton.

Moving on…

5. Eating habits

Whenever I eat, I always eat every single bit of food, down to the last grain of rice. Nothing escapes except the inedible parts. I even eat Poey Chin’s leftover food sometimes.

After eating I will put my fork and spoon together on the plate, facing six o’clock. Then I will rotate my plate anti-clockwise 45 degrees and push the plate away from me. I do this each and every time. Just watch me.

If eating noodles I usually finish all the soup. I believe in a 1:1 ratio of noodles and soup in every bite. And before starting on the noodles, I like to drink a few spoons of soup so that the flavour saturates my tongue.

6. Three

I don’t know if my wife noticed this. I have a slight obsessive compulsive habit… I like to do things in threes. I will blink three times, rub my nose three times, scratch three times. I think I even kiss my wife in threes (as in mua mua mua).

When I eat and the spoon hits the plate (there will be a ping sound), I will hit it again two more times.

My favourite songs are songs with three measures (3/4 and 6/8 time signatures). When I play bass I play a lot of triplets. I like swing and shuffle music styles.

The number three just seems so… complete.

Okay there you go. I’ll write more weird stuff about me when doing GT’s fatt fatt eight tag. I just remembered today is August 8, which would be a good time to do the eight tag.

Oh well…

11 thoughts on “My Weird Obsessions”

  1. This is a real obsession. no wonder u took up Christianity

    Adino: You mean about the three? Yeah hehehe… God is three in one. But don’t worry la. I only got a mild case of it. If I never tell people they won’t know 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. O_o and i thought i’m weird…

    Adino: You know what? I forgot to tag someone. Haiya… really a meme noob la. Consider yourself tagged!

  3. What can I say.
    You have a real obsession (or obsessions) there!

    Adino: I hope it’s not serious. I’m not as bad as Monk on TV right?

  4. Hahaha, #6 sounds very OCD :p

    PS: I tab my programs :p

    Adino: Aaarrgghh!! Let me clarify… I only hate those programmers in my company who use tab. Definitely not talking about you hehe *sweat, this is ackward*

  5. hallo…first time visit your blog today. after i pat-por around awhile…discovered your blogposts abt your wedding…wahh…you and your wife so loving, very sweet larr… ^_^ blog summore abt your married life ok…very sweet to read… 😀 go, go, jia-you!

    Adino: Welcome!! Actually I have yet to write about my wedding ceremony… because the photos seem to be going on tour with all the relatives and friends. Ok, will write more about married life. Scared people jelak only.

  6. one obsession u left out…. wabbit….

    Adino: Shhhh! Quiet! No one should know about him! *glance around*

  7. I never knew… … …
    Ok, I knew about Vicky and Cecilia… but wabbit???

    Adino: Wabbit? Err… where did you hear that from? *glance around* Shhh!! No such thing. *nervous laugh* ha ha ha… you must be mistaken ha ha ha. Soo…. the weather quite nice today eh?

  8. oi dohnie….. wabit, was wary pwotected man. that one thing he never let out of sight, or touch.but i guess, the hold of a wfie is stronger then any bindings with a man’s old ways. on a dise note, dino, my mom asks, u wanna do freelancing job ah? got customer here in canada looking for your skills.

    Adino: Wabbit was my best friend!! But enough about that… free lance job doing what ah? Of course I’m interested. Who will say no to money? What skills are they looking for?

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