My First Swedish Massage

Massage by o5com

Last month I had the opportunity to go for a Swedish massage at True Spa in Section 13 Petaling Jaya.

My wife bought a package at the spa and she had lots of credit left. I had a day off and i was experiencing some pain in my shoulders so I decided to give it a try.

The relaxing day had a stressful start. Jaya 33 was packed because some warehouse sale was happening and I couldn’t get a car park. I was twenty minutes late for my appointment!

When I got there I was led to a small room beside the pool. It had glass walls draped with think red curtains. I got in and was told to undress.

I took off most of clothes, lay down on the massage table and covered myself with a towel. Then I waited, trying not to look nervous. I tried a few poses and positions and finally decided to lie down on my face.

The masseuse came in and he started to massage my legs, my back and my neck. It felt weird to have another man touching me but I got used to it.

I was worried about being naked and exposed but they cover you with towels.

I was thinking, “Is that all?” because initially it was just a very light massage.

Then came the oil. He squirted oil in his hands and really began to knead every muscle in my body into relaxed submission.

It was one hour of enforced rest and relaxation. I let my thoughts drift away.

After the massage I felt really good. It wasn’t as painful as I imagined but just felt ticklish at some point.

My shoulder pain didn’t go away but my body felt flexible and loose.

Maybe I’ll try the deep tissue massage next time.

The only thing I couldn’t stand was the oily feeling on my skin afterwards. Next time I’ll bring some strong soap to wash it off.

If you’ve never been to a massage I encourage you to try it out.

Photo by: o5com / cc

4 thoughts on “My First Swedish Massage”

  1. done the massage and foot reflexology thing. a good massage makes me doze off; a good foot rub makes me want to scream.

    Adino: I would never dare to try foot reflexology. Feels painful even thinking about it.

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