My Cousin Is Sick

I received some terrible news before Chinese New Year that my cousin Sook Mei has been diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer.

Last night, while I was at the Children Workers Conference in Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya, I received an SMS from my uncle bringing further distressing news.

The doctors are unable to operate to remove the tumor because her arteries are blocked. I don’t really understand why that is so, I wonder if any doctors can clarify for me.

Update: I had not gotten the latest information. The tumor had been removed, but she is having blocked arteries in her legs and pelvis. She is now under the care of a cardiologist.

Update 2: Doctors managed to remove 10 inches of colon, but there are still many tumours around her liver, and it is suspected that cancer cells are causing her blood to clot. Right now this is the biggest danger to her life. She is now on blood thinning drugs, pain killers and sleeping pills.

Yesterday the doctors at the hospital have given up hope, and they have sent her home.

Tonight some of my relatives will be driving to Penang to be with them.

She is a Christian, but the rest of her family aren’t. She just got married two years ago.

Only a miracle can save her now.

I’m feeling really sad. My face looks longer than a papaya.

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