My Coconut Tree Dream

I had a really strange dream this morning. Before you think about some Hindi movie, it was stranger than that.

Today I dreamt that we were riding in a schoolbus back to my house. My colleagues were with me, going back to my home for lunch. Strangely my house was in OUG, and I remember I asked the bus driver to turn left at a school, and turn right at the kindergarten.

There was a swimming pool with a waterfall in the compound of the kindergarten. My house was the third house from the corner, on the left side.

The bus parked on the right side of the road, and we couldn’t get down because it was too high off the ground. We had to climb down a coconut tree to reach the ground.

One of the Indian guys told me I climbed down the wrong way. He showed me this technique where you grab the tree with a knee, an elbow and bite with your teeth. (!?)

Once on the ground, we were greeted by many Indians demanding “1000 rupees, 1000 rupees”.

I wisely told my colleagues, “You should never park opposite my house. Once they see that you have picked too many coconuts, they will demand some of it and claim it belongs to them”

The dream then moved on to me and my friends walking along the sea side. It was a harbour or quay of some sort (something like Hong Kong) where there is a nice walk area next to the sea. My friend Lionel was running a marathon (?!).

As we were walking along Donny and I suddenly stopped. I told him I was worried about Leon. Donny stopped walking and started praying. I looked over at Lionel and he was also praying.

I woke up and said a prayer for Leon… I didn’t really know what to pray for but thought about him for a while…

So… I need you to either:

  1. Psycho-analyze me. What is the meaning of the dream?
  2. Tell me what 4D numbers to buy. No, I’m just kidding. 6D numbers please.

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