My Bachelor Party

In this post I’m going to tell you all the juicy details of my bachelor party. Read on, my dear readers. There’s cleavage involved hehe…

On Friday night (June 15th 2007) I went home to Kota Kemuning. I had to spend the night there because the next morning I will leave my parent’s house to get my bride. I had to carry a lot of stuff down from my condo alone, into my car. Stuff like clothes, bags and my bride’s bouquet of flowers. I couldn’t stop sneezing because I was having a cold that day.

My band mates / heng tais / best friends and my sister Lydia organized a dinner at the Daily Meal Cafe in Kota Kemuning, so we went over after I had settled all my stuff. We had a nice time at dinner talking about old times and how things will be different in the future. Dinner was excellent even though I couldn’t really smell or taste anything.

Sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting us to go to some strip club or something, but after dinner we went to church. We spent the rest of the night playing a fun card game called Super Munchkin. It is a game that is a parody of RPG card games such as Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering. You’re basically a superhero who gets superpowers depending on the card you draw. I got the cleavage stun power hehe…

At around 11:30 pm we ended the game and went home to my house. Donny (my best man) stayed over in my house too. I needed to rest because I was still sneezing, and Donny stayed up to handle some last minute preparations such as the ang paus. I went to bed at around 12am, and had a good few hours of sleep. I woke up thinking it was already six, but it turned out to be 3am.

I tried going back to sleep but there were too many things on my mind. I was so worried and stressed about what the bride’s zhi muis were going to do to me that I couldn’t really sleep. I also kept thinking about what to say in my speech. Actually, I was thinking about what I could say in the limited amount of time. I also started worrying about some wedding details that didn’t seem to be settled. In the end I decided to write all those thoughts down on a piece of paper so I could follow up on them the next morning.

At around 4am, I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs to sit with Sushi my sweet Shih Tzu. At first he was surprised to see me come down, but when I sat on the floor, he came over to sit by my side. My heart was feeling sad, and heavy because I started thinking about the many memories I had in my parents home, and I miss being away from home.

Sensing that my heart was unhappy, Sushi looked at me, put his head on my lap and started to lick me. I started to sayang him and teardrops rolled down my cheeks as I started to reflect on God’s blessing in my life.

My parents got Sushi for me during a time when my heart was broken, and I was feeling very lonely. I believe that Sushi is a furry little angel sent by God to help heal my heart. Sushi brought so much joy and laughter with him into my home. I remembered those times when he was a puppy and I had to spent days training him to do all sorts of tricks. The dumb things he would do, and ohh, the cuteness! I remember him being at my side each time I felt hurt. He was there when I cried watching emo Cecilia Cheung movies. He was a good listener when I just wanted to say what was in my heart.

God also sent wonderful friends and church members into my life who helped me mend my heart, my faith and my outlook in life. When things didn’t seem like they could get any better, I met Poey Chin my bride, and I’m so happy now.

Before I went back upstairs I talked to Sushi, telling him to be a good boy. Don’t always scratch your eyes, don’t bark in the middle of the night, always listen to daddy and mummy.

I couldn’t sleep any more after that. I could only close my eyes and wait for the next morning.

2 thoughts on “My Bachelor Party”

  1. its amazing what a dog can do yeah? 🙂

    my heart was the heaviest on my wedding day knowing i wont be sharing the same space with Polly anymore!

    jason was saying how i love her more than him! nyahaha!

    Adino: That’s exactly what Poey Chin says. She says I spoil the dog, but who can resist his puppy powers?

  2. I used to have a ‘Sushi’ dog too..but i sold it off liao..cos my MIL dislikes dogs..
    Have kids la..they can play the stress reliever role ..oops..or issit the opposite? haha..

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