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(This post originally published on 5 February 2008)

I have searched online for some free expense tracking Excel spreadsheets, and here are some nice ones.

1. The “Zen and Computing” Simple Monthly Budget

This is a really simple spreadsheet that lets you track your income, fixed expenses and variable expenses.

You can customize it by adding your own categories. It will calculate your monthly total expenses and let you know your total disposable income for that month.

The only drawback about this spreadsheet is the lack of expense tracking features. This is perfect for those of you who just want to make sure you are spending less than your income every month.


2. The “Mind Your Decision$” Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

This Excel file allows you to track your monthly expenses for a whole year.

This spreadsheet comes in five sections:

  1. Your expense categories
  2. Your daily expenses
  3. Your gross income
  4. A savings analysis report
  5. An expenses analysis report

What I like about this expense tracker is how it automatically analyzes your expenditure for the month.

I hope that further revisions to this spreadsheet will include some budgeting functions as well to make it perfect.


3. The Personal Budget Planner

I’ve saved the best for last.

I downloaded this spreadsheet from one of the forums, and the only clue to the author’s identity was the email address “smsalim”.

This is a truly impressive spreadsheet that allows you to track your monthly budget and expenses for a year. It comes in five different worksheets. You can have the option of creating a quick budget or a more comprehensive monthly budget.

After you have setup your budget, you can track your expenses each month. After you key in you expenses, you can immediately see your up to date income versus expenditure in a graphical chart.

The spreadsheet also tells you if you have gone over your budget in a particular category.

It even allows you to track your expenses day by day if you desire.

I like this spreadsheet because it you can be very detailed. I also like how you are able to compare your expenses with your budget. The graphical charts are just a nice bonus.

It is a little complicated but there’s a nice overview explaining how to use the spreadsheet correctly.



I hope that you find a budget spreadsheet that meets your needs. Otherwise, you can use these to build your own customized budget and expense tracking spreadsheet.

If you are not sure about starting a budget, read 7 easy steps to set up a budget.

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