Mihun Tahun Baru

Last last last Saturday, I woke up and my wife told me that she wanted to fry some mihun (rice noodles) for breakfast. In my dazed groggy dream-like condition, I said, “let me cook, you show me how”.

This is the result:

A view from further away…

Hungry or not?

How I look when I just wake up. I’m still wearing my sleeping clothes and holding the first plate of mihun I cooked.

12 thoughts on “Mihun Tahun Baru”

  1. i know the secret sauce…its soya sauce and dark soya sauce ..:-P

    Adino: No clue la… bcos my wife prepared it earlier. But you’re probably right!

  2. Wow.. not too bad hor!! and u sure look like u just wake up! haha..

    Adino: Hehe… yeah I just woke up and forgot to comb my hair (again).

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