Lost? The Answers

Thank you all for attempting or finishing the test (note: the survey link is now expired)!

Congrats to Leon and my wife for getting most of the answers correct, though it doesn’t really matter how many you got right. Most of the answers were pretty weird (and lame) anyway.

I’m sure you’ve learned some things about me. Hopefully you had a laugh or two.

Today I will reveal the answers to the test.

What Is My Favourite Colour?

My favourite colour is blue.

What Is My Favourite Animal?

I love dogs.

Who Is My Favourite Spice Girl?

Posh Spice. She’s the least talented singer but the best looking.

Who Was My Favourite Female Singer?

Cecilia Cheung. She’s not a very talented singer but the best looking (and she’s a good actress too!) Notice the word ‘was’. This clause is to prevent sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Which of the following will NOT compile?

The answer is C. This is the kind of thing I stare at every day.

What Is My Quirky Habit?

All of the above, which is touching my nose, sudden nose honking and loud nose blowing.

What Is The *censored*?

If you were really honest you would have said you don’t know. I don’t know either.

When Is Baby Rachel’s Birthday?

May 9th.

Which Is Heavier? A ton of feathers or a ton of rocks?


Who Is My Favourite Movie Villain?Β 

Dr Evil, from one of my favourite movies Austin Powers.

What’s My Favourite Fast Food Restaurant?

Another bonus point… it’s KFC!

En garde! TouchΓ©!

If you’ve played Monkey Island you will know how to answer this!

What Car Do I Drive?

I’ve blogged about this before too!

Which Am I Afraid Of?

The A&W bear. Or anything in costumes really.

What Is My Dream Job?

Bestselling author. I love to write, and I would love it even more if I got paid millions for doing it.

What Would I Want to Name My 2nd Daughter?

Cecilia. Guess why? But Poey Chin objects.Β  I’m gonna put it in the birth cert secretly and not tell her.

Poey Chin: “What is the meaning of THIS?”

Adino: *pretend to be shocked* “Oh? Must have been a mistake. Never mind la dear…”

Poey Chin: “I don’t want!”

Adino: “Okay what about Leia?”

Poey Chin: “Sob sob…”

My Favourite Reality TV Show?

Hell’s Kitchen

Favourite Doctor at Seattle Grace

Izzie of course!

What Is On My Wish List Now?

I just blogged about this last week!

What Sport Do I Like to Play?


Thank you everyone! Now you know a little bit more about me.

5 thoughts on “Lost? The Answers”

  1. Good Idea!, I should have gave the answers too. I will do that for mine. Thank you.

    Ok ok PC is first, I second ok? πŸ˜›

    Adino: I can’t wait for the answers!

  2. I was thinking too that this is a good idea…but my test so simple so no need to give answers πŸ˜›

    Adino: I didn’t get all correct wor…

  3. wah…
    u want all daughters only ah?
    dowan son meh??
    eeehhh wait…how u know the second one is a girl??
    P.C is pregnant?

    Adino: I think daughters will be sweet and nice, but Rachel is starting to prove otherwise! Poey Chin wants boys but I want girls. She’s not pregnant, but we just think about names every now and then.

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