Letters to My Grandchildren 1 – Life in 2007

Hello grandchildren! I have not met any of you yet, but I’m thinking about you today. There is a 7% chance that I may not live to see you in this world, so I thought I’d say all that I want to say first. (I hope someone is renewing my domain name and web hosting accounts… I better put that in my will!)

Photo: Konrad Mostert

Greetings to you, my dear grandchildren, from your Ah Kung (grandpa) Adino and Ah Ma (grandma) Poey Chin.

I’d just like to share to you how life is like in the year 2007.

1) I hope your parents are treating you well. Ah Kung and Ah Ma will try to raise them with our best efforts, and with the grace of God your parents should have founded a loving Christian family for you.

2) One bowl of noodles cost RM3.50 (small) and RM3.80 (big). Imagine that! You must be wondering how much we could buy with so little money. We still have coins in our currency, it’s called “sen” and we can buy about two sweets with 10 sen. We still have the one sen coin, but it’s so worthless that supermarkets give it away for free.

3) Computers are so expensive. A notebook computer (about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and one inch thick) costs almost RM3000! I’m sure that in your time, computers are as cheap as watches today.

4) The microprocessor manufacturers have hit the limit in making their chips smaller, so now they are starting to sell processors with dual processing cores. They are talking about bio-computing and quantum processing now.

5) The dominant superpower in the world today is the United States of America. They lead the world in military technology, scientific advancement, and entertainment. However they seem to be suffering spiritually and some say economically too.

6) This year is the 50th year of Malaysia’s independence. I don’t know what you will read in your history books, but check out Lim Kit Siang, MalaysiaKini and Jeff Ooi blog archives to read what really happened in history.

7) Sushi our family Shih Tzu is now only 3 years old. Imagine that! Did you play with your tiny Sushi-clone puppies today?

8 ) Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Wii is the latest revolution in video game consoles. It is user friendly and uses motion sensing controllers for the games. I wonder how you interact with computers?

9) Computers today are really dumb and stupid. Imagine your Ah Kung having to spend years of his life teaching computers what to do. I hope that in your time computers have not evolved into a supreme intelligence and are threatening to wipe out the human race.

Hope you all are obedient to your parents. Don’t forget that Sushi-clone likes tummy rubs and is afraid of loud noises.

8 thoughts on “Letters to My Grandchildren 1 – Life in 2007”

  1. Why is it 7% chance that you may not live to see your grandchildren?

    Adino: Don’t know la… just an estimation based on my ancestors tendency for heart disease, me being overweight, rising crime rates, and risks for different cancers with all the processed foods I’m eating.

  2. Oh my dear friend, u really notty, talk to ur next next generation oledy! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Dun worry, at their time got time machine, they can travel thru time n come to cu. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Adino: Won’t la. Even if they have time machines, it will be so expensive to travel that they won’t waste money on visiting me. Probably they will go and visit dinosaurs or something.

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