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I want an LCD television. No, I need one of those slim, liquid crystal display televisions.

Every time I pass by an electrical appliances store, I stop and stare at the wonderful TVs they have on display.

I am attracted by the clarity, the high contrast, the modern design.

I imagine playing my Nintendo Wii games and actually being able to read the words on the screen.

They come in all sizes, but usually the price tag turns me away.

The only thing that gets me every time is the price. I can’t afford to shell out RM1700 for a TV.

I think back to my old faithful 21″ TV sitting at home. It has served me well, but it is starting to make funny noises. There is a red line on top of the screen, and a green line at the bottom.

There’s a high frequency whining that comes from the back of the TV.

Well, maybe next year. Or the year after.

Or maybe when the current TV breaks down.

Do any of you have a LCD TV at home? What are the features I should look out for? Any suggestions for a store with good discounts?

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Photo By : krynsky / CC BY 2.0

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