La Gourmet Thermal Wonder Cooker 7L

A couple of weeks back, my wife and I went to get a thermal cooker for our home.

It’s from the La Gourmet brand. It has 7 litre capacity and comes with a 3-year warranty.

la gourmet 7L thermal cooker box

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The retail price was RM315 I think, but we didn’t pay for it because I used my Maybank card points to redeem this item for 70,000 points.

I feel pretty good getting something so useful from my credit card points. Last year I got a small toaster oven.

You may get the impression that I spent RM70,000 to get those points but I haven’t! My card offers 2X and 5X points for certain retailers.

Plus I used the card for major expenses such as the hospital bills for my two sons and all my insurance premiums.

Anyway, back on topic. Poey Chin has always wanted to get one of these cookers because she saw her friends using it.

We were thinking of getting them from Cosway at first, but kept putting it off until I saw this on the credit card rewards catalogue.

Here’s how the pot looks like.

la gourmet 7L thermal cooker

There’s a small pan you can put on top of the main pot, so you can cook two things at once!

Everything looks so stainless-steely and makes you feel like cooking.

I assume most of you know how thermal cookers work. You heat up the contents of your pot over the stove for a while, then move the pot to an insulated cover which contains the heat so your food can continue cooking.

Poey Chin has been using it to cook soups, porridge and even red bean dessert.

In the past, we had to boil soups for over an hour, but with the thermal cooker she just has to heat up for 15 minutes so we’re saving about 75% of our energy.

We get to save on our gas bill, and it’s safer!

It’s really convenient and safe because we don’t have to leave an open flame. Definitely a good thing when we have kids at home distracting her all the time.

Don’t wait any longer. Call 1-800-1-800 now and place your order. Wait, there’s more! If you order today I’ll throw in a copy of:

Okay jokes aside, Poey Chin mentioned that the food cooked with the thermal cooker tastes better. I’m not so sure because I don’t have the super-power taste for food that Ipoh people have. I mean, most of the time I can’t tell the difference between good and bad, and I’m not particularly picky.

My only complain about the pot is the metal handle can get quite hot, so it could be hard to pour out the contents of the pot. The 7 litre pot seems to be a little too big but that’s not a big deal.

Now Poey Chin is looking around for thermal cooker recipes. Do you have any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “La Gourmet Thermal Wonder Cooker 7L”

  1. My mom has one too. I think she got it from Cosway. And yes it’s super convenient. We use it to keep soup warm.

    Adino: We regret not getting one sooner. Last night Poey Chin made barley drink using the pot. Put it in before going to sleep and this morning it’s ready to drink!

  2. My mum uses one to make tong sui. It’ll find its way into my someday kitchen…some day 🙂

    Adino: It’s a good investment, anyway doesn’t cost a lot.

  3. hai, I also have one 7l lagourmet thermalcooker with me, one thing important is I can feel the container outside the thermal cooker is warm, is it still normal?

    Adino: Sorry for my late reply. No I don’t think it’s normal. From outside we can’t feel any warmth.

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