Here are some photos I took of Izzie.

1. In this photo, Izzie is sitting on my dining table. I got the sun-burst batik from Kota Kinabalu’s Filipino market two years ago.

2. This is not the blue screen of death, it’s just a shot that I took while she was waking up. On the left you can see my baby Patrick tissue box. Outside my window you can see my underwear hanging to dry.

3. A close up of Izzie. Look at those curves.

4. I chose this angle to get a halo effect. Angelic and awe inspiring.

Well, so far it’s been great. She hasn’t given me any troubles so far. Not even so much as a whimper.

Some have asked me if Izzie is my new girlfriend.

No, she’s not!

She’s just a toy 😛

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