I’ve Got Nothing To Say

I’ve got nothing to say today.

Well, there is one thing. Last night the other bassist in my condo was playing again. I called the condo security to come to my unit to listen, and they spent the next half hour searching for the source.

In the end, they couldn’t track it down. They promised to start knocking on doors when I complained again. I can’t stand it any more. Last Saturday he played at 2am, causing me a night of insomnia.

This morning on the way to work I saw a dog riding a motorbike. He was sitting in the basket with his front paws on the handlebar. How I wish I wish I wish that I can upload the contents of my brain for you to see. Or that I had my camera with me.

In case you are wondering, the dog was not alone. And no, I did not overdose on any medicine this morning so I wasn’t hallucinating.

Then, there is this funny website called the FAIL blog. They post photos of people in weird situations or every day items with a caption that says <something> FAIL.

It’s good, and it makes me laugh out loud. Which is quite an achievement.

Maybe I should have done a meme instead.

Photo: Aurelia Werneck

7 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing To Say”

  1. i prefer to read abr Rache n see her pics. not that u r dull or boring hahahaha..but she is new hhaahhahahahahha

    Adino: Yes boss!

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