Is Life Possible Without Astro TV?

TV Static by Thane Works

I’ve finally made the decision to live without Astro TV.

This is a rather major decision, having lived with Astro for almost 8 years.

Some of you may even wonder why I’m taking such a ‘drastic’ move. What would we watch on TV if we didn’t have Astro?


First of all, why did I come to such a decision?

  1. To save money. If I cancel my Astro subscription, I get to save RM600 a year. The money may not be a lot, but it helps to feed another mouth.
  2. Rachel is starting to get addicted to TV cartoons. I don’t want her to start learning bad things from the TV.
  3. TV programs don’t add much value to my life.
  4. The Internet has become a viable alternative.
  5. I’ve had several bad experiences with the company. First they allowed complete strangers to re-open an account under my name (and charge me for it), and they send me an SMS each month reminding me to pay my bill, even before the due date!

My Expectations

I’m willing to give this a try because I expect the following improvements:

  1. We will have better quality time. Nowadays our evenings and weekends are spent staring at the TV. Not much talking to each other.
  2. More time for other activities such as exercise, going for outdoor activities, or just playing board games.
  3. Less likely to gain weight from those tempting food commercials
  4. Rachel and Daryl to grow up reading books, rather than watch TV
  5. No more temptations to upgrade to a HD TV.
  6. Fewer late nights staying up to watch TV

Do take a few minutes to check out a blog post by Celestine Chua on 10 reasons to stop watching TV.

I agree with many of the reasons.

I do expect a rather difficult transition period, removing Astro TV from my house.

There are some potential difficulties:

  1. Rachel will be bored
  2. We will miss live TV events and sports events
  3. Poey Chin will miss her evening news
  4. Poey Chin will miss her TVB series
  5. Visitors will be bored at our home

But the TV won’t be totally gone. We will still have the free channels. We will still have a DVD player and the Nintendo Wii for entertainment purposes.

I just know that this will be for the best.

Action Plan

Here is my plan.

For the month of June, I will start to look for entertainment alternatives, and solutions to address the difficulties I foresee.

In July, we will do a trial run. I will hide the Astro smart card somewhere, and we will see how things are.

If we can live without Astro, I will then cancel my subscription shortly thereafter.

Some of you may be wondering what Poey Chin thinks about my idea. She said okay, but gives me the resigned look she gives me whenever I want to try something crazy.


Do you have any resources for watching TV programs online? Do you have any tips to share?

So is life possible without Astro TV? Stay tuned for updates on my experiment!

Photo By: Thane Works / CC

8 thoughts on “Is Life Possible Without Astro TV?”

  1. Hi. I share your dilemma on having subscribe to ASTRO. In fact, this month September 2014, I make the crucial decision to stop and refuse to continue watching it. Every month, I have been communicating with Astro Payment department with constant monthly on my payment, without fail even though the bill has not been due yet. Not means that I owe them 2 or 3 months but it was for that particular month bill payment. What I don’t understand, with millions of customer based in Malaysia alone, Astro cannot wait for another moment of receiving money. Or may be Astro was afraid they will become Pauper if there’s even 1 customer delay payment.

    I explained to my kid and family that after realising that most of the movie shown especially from HBO or Fox Movie has been repeated shown, it’s just good enough to watch our own movie box. Even if it’s educational subject or discovery channel, we can even watched them on Youtube which are available and accessible any time from our iPad or Notebook. That is one way, we can lessen our burden from subscribing to Astro, if they think we are hard up about having them.

    Now my kid often access all he needed to know or see from Youtube or Google whatever educational subjects or cartoons he needs to view or watch. I am very glad things got work out this way since everyone of us are having our own Smartphone and iPad.

    For Astro contract, since they want to treat themselves as KING and think they can just interrupt whenever payment not made and we are not accessible to watch their damn movie, who bothers now. We don’t need them really. I just leave as it is. If they think they need us, they won’t do this to their customers. Astro Marketing and their Management never instil their staff on how customers or people who subscribe to them are actually make them RICH and stand where they are right now but they forgot this chain. Without customers, Astro is nothing…..

    One fine day, when the majority of customers realises and go through what we have gone through, Astro will lost all their customers in no time and they will then try to learn to be humble.

    My family and I are very glad our situation now are getting better WITHOUT ASTRO, this is a digital world, anything is possible. We are given all the accessibility of getting knowledge from other sources, hassle free with no payment required at all. Anything……

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