Ipoh Dinner – The Day Before

Last weekend we had the wedding dinner organized by my bride’s parents. Poey Chin and I arrived home almost at midnight on Thursday night, and we went to rest. She slept in her parent’s bed and I slept in her room for the very first time. I felt very comfortable because her bed still had her scent on it. I can imagine her sleeping there in her teenage years, never suspecting that her husband would be lying in the same place.

On Friday morning we woke up to find her parents and some aunts were already busy cooking to prepare for the arrival of relatives and guests from outstation. We went out to get Poey Chin’s contact lenses, and I made a pair of new glasses too because my old glasses wasn’t as effective anymore. By the time we went home her brother Eric had arrived from KL.

At lunch I was greeted by a wonderful spread of food. The traditional family dishes such as bamboo shoots, acar, and pig stomach soup was prepared in huge batches. The rice cooker was working full time to ensure that everyone had enough rice. I’m glad that I’m marrying Poey Chin who comes from a family of excellent cooks.

After lunch we rested for a while, and then I took Poey Chin out to arrange for make up and hair dressing. We then went over to Jusco to do some shopping. I got her a new shirt, a new pair of shorts, a new skirt, and a new blouse. I also bought her some Baskin Robbins ice cream to celebrate.

Before dinner, Poey Chin’s eldest brother Brian arrived at her parent’s home. Their family was all together, and there was a lot of cuddling and carrying of my nephews and niece. All of them looked so happy to see each other (in their own special ways). I felt very shy and out of place, and mostly hung around in the background.

The rest of the day was filled with a lot of last minute preparations for the dinner, like re-arranging the guest list, confirming the flowers and arranging the wedding day schedule. We all went to bed at around 11pm.

The story continues tomorrow.

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