Inspiring News

I have read the most inspiring and awesome piece of news today.

No, it’s not about the dissolution of parliament announcement by the PM this afternoon.

Today the Prime Minister of Australia apologized in a speech in Parliament to the Aborigines.

Read it and look at the photographs. Tell me you weren’t moved.

Kevid Rudd Says Sorry

What foresight to see what his nation needs. What courage to do something so difficult. What a wonderful example of keeping his pre-election promises. What hope his words bring.

What an excellent example to the rest of the world on dealing with issues. Mature and first class all the way.

This is the kind of person I want for my prime minister. Those who falls asleep on the job or flip flop around will never get my vote.

Can I vote for Kevin Rudd or not?

7 thoughts on “Inspiring News”

  1. Hmm… I know where my vote will go this coming election. Hehehe.

    As far as apologies go, when have you ever seen a Malaysian minister apologizing in public? Lawl.

    Adino: Never seen that happen. But I’ve seen a lot of blame-shifting!

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