I was watching the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix last weekend, and there was this advertisement from one of the sponsors Petronas.

It goes like this (in case you didn’t see it)… there’s two guys in a boxing ring, and one of them gets punched with a right hook. The ad then tells us “Imagine being subjected to 5G forces” (or something similar, I can’t remember verbatim).

Then there’s some firefighters rushing bravely into a burning building. “Imagine being cocooned in 50 degrees Celsius of heat”

Then they cut over to some racing cars and the Petronas logo… “the power of human willpower”.

Ok I probably got 50% of that wrong, but I hope you get the picture.

I’m surprised that the ads keep insisting that it’s literally torture to drive a formula one car.

Here’s my version of the ad:

Imagine earning 15 million pounds a year…

Imagine dating a supermodel

Imagine driving real fast… without traffic summons…

And for the climatic ending… “Where do I sign up?”

My point is, all these drivers love doing what they do. They worked really hard to get where they are, and no amount of G-forces and heat will stop them from racing.

What’s the point in emphasizing how difficult it is to drive one of those cars?

If given a chance to drive one of those cars for one lap, I would take it without skipping a beat. Sure, it may mean I need to take years getting in shape and training for it but nobody (and I mean nobody) is going to care about how difficult it is.

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Cathy King
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Ariel da Silva Parreira

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