I’m So Excited

Last night just before we went to bed, my darling Poey Chin told me that there was some pinkish discharge.

Those of you who have gone through this must know what that means.

It means the early stages of labour has begun. According to my reference materials, the “show” may precede labour by 24 to 48 hours.

I couldn’t sleep after that. Not even a wink. The last time I had this sort of insomnia, it was the night before my wedding.

Among the many things going through my head were:

“How am I going to blog about this?”
“How will I get the right photo angles”
“Will they have free wi-fi? I wonder if I can Facebook
“I wonder if I should Twitter the progress of my wife’s labour”
“Oh dear, I don’t have any snacks for visitors to my home”
“Do I have enough ice cubes?”

Sigh… I guess this proves that blogging is in my blood. So we’re all packed to go. In the photo you will see three bags. One bag for baby’s stuff, one bag for mama’s stuff, and one bag for daddy’s stuff.

What’s in my bag? I have a bible, some reading materials, my pre-natal class notes (final exam coming wor!), my PDA (for my Sudoku fix), a notepad and pen for writing down instructions, a digital camera (with 50% battery charge) and a backup digital camera. I considered bringing my DSLR but I think it will just get in the way.

We’re going to the hospital now to let her doctor examine her.

Poey Chin hasn’t had any contractions yet, but she is having a bit of backache.

Please keep us in your prayers. I’m so excited and nervous (and physically quite tired).

Wait for my good news and photos! I hope it’s gonna be today.

8 thoughts on “I’m So Excited”

  1. Wow, u r really a SUPER dad! Fully prepared! Congratulations! Will wait for you photos and videos maybe, in your blog, ya?

    Adino: I hope you all won’t get too bored of looking at photos.

  2. Just concentrate on Poey chin
    And forget about all other stuff

    You will have plenty of chance to do all those later

    Adino: Yeah, right now just have to concentrate on 1 thing at a time.

  3. Hahaha… it certainly seems that you are one well-prepared daddy! I wonder what my future hubby will do when it’s my turn? 😛

    p.s. Sorry for the late comment, my rss feedreader didn’t pick this one up!

    Adino: Ask him to read this blog hehe…

    This reminds me that I have to create a list of qualifying criteria for any future suitors for Rachel!

  4. I was wondering why your Facebook status suddenly changed to “Adino has become a daddy! Check my blog for photos.”

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