I’m Google Rank #4 For Naughty Photos!

I think I overdid it this time. I knew I shouldn’t have pasted all those nude photos of Sushi my naked Shih Tzu all over my blog.

I was looking through my AWStats web analytics today, and I saw someone coming to my blog looking for “naughty photos of my wife personal website“. Go ahead. Google that and see whose website is at position number 4. I can wait.

It’s me! I’m not proud of this. I’m a bit embarassed and feeling quite puzzled.

If you filter to view only pages from Malaysia, can you see whose website is at position number 1? Well, I can console myself that I beat the SPCA and their naughty cat.

Cham la… is this what all of my blogging has amounted to? Will people only come to read about how I hit my wife and look for naughty photos? What’s going to happen to my reputation now?

Let me say just one thing. There are no naughty photos of my wife here! My wife is not naughty okay? If you want to see naughty photos here, I show you my fist of fury first want or not? Don’t play with me, I was Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition expert ok?

I hope AdSense won’t start displaying some naughty ads, otherwise I may have to take it all off. I’m not talking about taking off my clothes! I mean take the ads off!

This has got to equal what CC from Quaint Melody went through. She got guys looking for how to mate with humans and C-Cup bloggers!


5 thoughts on “I’m Google Rank #4 For Naughty Photos!”

  1. tell me bout it! i have ppl coming to my blog looking for “boys undressing”. boys! u get it? they are looking for boysssss undressing!!! oh, how can i forget? chindian undressing. brides undressing. oh dear, i need to sit down. ~_~

    its kinda sick seeing ppl’s searches every morning over my cup of coffee. haiks! lol

    Adino: Boys undressing? That’s sick. But then again… you got ‘undressed’ in your blog title. I don’t even have anything connected to naughty wife photos.

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