I Found My Heroes Ability!

I just realized that I have developed some kind of superpower ability. And it really works. So far I have tested it three times.

Let me clarify that my super power won’t be able to save any cheerleaders.

Some background before I begin. I have been working at my company for almost eight years now.

In this period of time, I have seen almost a hundred people coming and going out my office door. So many people have joined the company and so many have left.

I’ve lost track of the farewell lunches and dinners that I have paid for.

My Heroes Ability is being able to guess with uncanny accuracy that someone is going to resign.

Just the other month, I was predicting to my team lead that a colleague from another team might resign. A few weeks later, she really did.

Two weeks ago I predicted that another colleague was close to resigning. Yesterday we got the bad news.

See? This is a curse, I tell you.

Okay, I admit that it’s not really a heroes ability. It just some signs that I observe:

  1. Stepping outside to answer phone calls
  2. Stepping outside to answer phone calls with notepad and pen
  3. A sudden uncharacteristic burst of emergency leave and MC
  4. Reducing social contact with the rest of us
  5. Reduced commitment to future projects
  6. Saying words like “if I’m still there”
  7. Catch them browsing JobStreet (ok, this one is a bit obvious)
  8. Coming to work and leaving on time

Do you have this ability too?

What other abilities do you have?

Photo: Piotr Bizior

9 thoughts on “I Found My Heroes Ability!”

  1. I can only detect what my husband will say/do next, or what are my daughter is trying to express in her baby words, is it some kind of superpower too? : )

    Adino: Yes, it is!

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