I Cancelled Astro

TV Static by Néstor Carrasco

Update September 2014: I wrote this post in 2011, and I’ve been without Astro for 3 years now. Recently I’ve upgraded to 8?Mbps?fiber optics Internet and bought a Samsung Smart TV so we get all our shows in 720p / 1080p?from the Internet. ?

I’ve finally done it.

I called up to cancel my Astro satellite TV subscription today.

The procedure is simple: just give them a call, give some information for verification and request to terminate your account.

They asked me, “what is the reason you are terminating your account sir?”

With a tinge of sadness in my heart, I replied, “financial reasons”.

We both kept quiet for a while. In my heart the words that left my lips seemed surreal, those were words I never had to say before in my life.

She stopped typing on her keyboard and waited for me to elaborate, but I didn’t.

See? I added a little bit of drama there in the past few sentences. A little story writing haha.

They require a 1 month notice in advance, which means I still have to pay another month subscription before my account is terminated.

Why I Did It

I’ve shared with you last year why I considered doing this. It’s not only for financial reasons. I guess you could take a look at that blog post if you haven’t read it before. (Funny how I chose similar images to illustrate both my posts!)

One thing I wanted to add was, we were only watching less than 20% of the shows on Astro. That means 80% of the time we’re flipping channels hoping to find something worth watching.

Without realizing, we could waste an entire day just sitting there and flipping channels. And many times we end up watching repeats of episodes we’ve seen before.

I realized the most effective use of our time was video on demand. Won’t it be nice to watch the shows we want, when we want?

Moving On

I bought one of these media players recently, which we will use to watch videos we download from YouTube or other Internet sources, effectively giving us video on demand!

KWorld M200

It’s a nice device that turns my TV into a media center. It plays a few video formats, music files, image files, text files and even has a SD card slot for viewing photos.

It comes with two USB ports for an external hard disk or thumb drive, and even has a LAN connection for streaming media from a network. I might get a WiFi adapter later so I can stream videos and music directly from my iMac.

It supports Full-HD but I don’t need that since my TV is still the old CRT type (remember when flat-screen TV was so state-of-the-art?).

It cost about RM220, I figure I will recover the cost of investment after 4 months.

I Think We’ll Survive

If it means spending less time watching TV, then it’s even better for our electric bill, and we lower our contribution to global warming.

Hopefully it means more time to do productive activities.

My parents, aunty and mother in law do come over during the day, and I’ve got some Chinese shows on my media center for them to watch too. As a last resort, they could bring over their Astro smart card and watch from my home (I hope that will work!)

If Rachel gets bored, I may get some cartoon DVDs for her. It should be too costly, since she can watch one DVD over and over again. For the past year I’ve got to know Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ very well.

I don’t even have access to the free channels because I can’t get any clear reception in my condo. Probably have to find a solution for that problem.

I hope things will work out.

Photo by: Néstor Carrasco

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