How I Lost Weight… by Eating!?

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Four Months Ago

I weighed a ‘whopping’ 87 kg.

My left knee hurt every time I used the stairs.

I was out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs.

I ate a major dinner and a major supper. I devoured banana leaf rice.

I had high blood pressure.

My insurance premium shot up (application almost got rejected).

I contemplated buying new pants.


I weigh 79 kg. My waist line has gone down a few inches.

No more pain in my knees.

I can run up a flight of stairs.

Blood pressure back to normal.

I can fit into my clothes again.

Poey Chin says I look like when we were dating four years ago.

The Triggers

There were a few factors that prompted me to lose weight.

  1. My knee hurt so bad that I couldn’t go bowling for a few weeks. I wanted to strengthen my knee through exercise and lose weight to put less strain on it.
  2. The Biggest Loser Asia (Carlo Miguel) really inspired me.
  3. I was feeling sick, tired, and older than my age.
  4. New girlfriend
  5. Just kidding about number 4… people kept telling me I was fat. Including my mom. Including Google.

The Guide

I picked up a book in the library, it was by the author Paul Collins and the book was called ‘How to Lose Your Love Handles’. I’m not going to try and sell you the book (I think it’s Australian published)

This book gave me revelation.

A few have asked me how I lost weight, so today I’m going to share it all with you. All you have to do is pay $29.95 subscription.

Order today and I’ll throw in my fitness video “The Durian, Banana and Petai Diet with Adino” worth $19.95 and a free copy of “Teach Your Baby Piano” e-book!

OK enough nonsense haha.

How I Lost Weight

To summarize in one sentence, I ate every 3 hours and I exercised.

That’s right, I ate my way to lose weight. No diet shakes, no starving myself, no drugs.

The 3 hour diet is based upon these premises:

  1. Eat constantly to maintain a constant blood sugar level.
  2. This prevents over-eating, binging and cravings for junk food.
  3. Eating every 3 hours means increases metabolism. Our body won’t go into ‘starvation’ or preservation mode (that happens if it thinks it has to conserve energy).
  4. Eat breakfast as soon as possible to kick start your metabolism
  5. No eating before sleeping (at least 3 hours)
  6. Avoid junk calories and calorie dense foods
  7. Drink enough water
  8. The goal is to lose fat, not lose muscle mass

So I started eating every 2.5 to 3.5 hours. For my work day routine, this would looks something like:

8:30am – breakfast, 11:00am – snack, 2:00pm lunch, 5:00pm snack, 8:00pm dinner.

For weekends, it will be:

9:00am – breakfast, 12:00pm – lunch, 3:00pm snack, 6:00pm dinner, (maybe) 9:00pm snack.

I will share more about the my fat loss diet menu in another post, but generally I avoid fried food, junk food, sugared drinks or any other high calorie foods.

In general I tried to consume around 1700 calories a day (my basal metabolic rate is around 2200 calories).

This breaks down to:

Breakfast – 300 calories, Snack – 200 calories, Lunch – 500 calories, Snack – 200 calories, Dinner – 500 calories.

If I didn’t exercise on that day, I lost about 500 calories a day. If I exercised, I could lose another 300-500 calories.

At that rate, I lost on average 1 kg every two weeks, but it wasn’t constant. Some weeks I’d lose 2 kg, some weeks my weight stayed the same.

It was a matter of healthy food selection, and controlling the portion size.

Why I Think It Worked (For Me)

First of all, when I wanted to go on a 3 hour eating plan, obviously I can’t hope to eat whatever was available. I had to actually plan what snacks to bring to work, and what I wanted to eat for my meals.

This planning in itself won half the battle, because I was conscious about what I could and couldn’t eat for the day, and the exact portions.

The other half of the battle was learning to say no to temptation.

The second reason why I think this worked for me, is I realized that I had heavy lunches and heavy dinners because I felt hungry. When I had snacks between meal times, I was less hungry, so I didn’t over eat any more.

Third reason, I worked really hard at my exercise bike. So many hundreds of kilometers cycled I always imagined I was cycling around Malaysia.

When I think of the pain and hard effort I went through, it’s really not appealing to stuff a chocolate bar in my mouth.

Fourth, I was able to motivate myself throughout. I focused on my objectives, and I rewarded myself when I achieved milestones.

Fifth, after a few weeks, it became easier because I formed a habit. After a few months, the habit became part of my new lifestyle.

Will the Weight Stay Off?

I think so, if I don’t go back to my old ways.

Nowadays I’m not trying to lose weight any more, so on weekends I just eat whatever I want (but not overindulge).

I plan to take a month or so of ‘rest’ before trying for weight loss round 2.

I’m happy with my results, considering I wasn’t even planning to lose weight in 2010.

Next week I’ll try to write another post on my favorite foods (and its calorie content), and which foods I avoided.

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Photo By: Alan Cleaver / CC BY 2.0

7 thoughts on “How I Lost Weight… by Eating!?”

  1. Bravo!

    Totally agree with this:
    “I had to actually plan what snacks to bring to work, and what I wanted to eat for my meals.

    This planning in itself won half the battle, because I was conscious about what I could and couldn’t eat for the day, and the exact portions.”

    It’s actually the hardest part… choosing what to eat.

    Adino: Ya, that’s why when I started planning in advance, there was less chance for me to eat fast food/convenient food just because I had no other choice.

  2. i went through this post thoroughly. thanks for sharing. as u have come down to 79 it has worked. congrats. waiting for food n calorie post

    Adino: Hehe I’m happy to share because I think it worked for me, plus it is a healthy way of losing weight.

  3. Let me try this out, i have been play soccer but my weigh do not seem to go down at all. Hope that this will work. Thanks in advance.

    Adino: It should work. Good luck!

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