Honey Lime Honeymoon At Cherating

Okay, I can’t think of anything to write about, so I’m going to write about our honey lime honeymoon. We decided on Cherating because it was nearby and quite affordable. Poey Chin wanted to stay in a chalet so I booked a poolside Garden Villa chalet in Holiday Villa Cherating.

On the Monday after our wedding, we started our journey to Cherating. It was our honeymoon, and the sky was crystal clear on the morning we set out from our condo.

On one side of the road you can see bunnies playing in the garden, and on the other side of the road there were five Shih Tzu puppies playing hunting games with each other. Two love birds were perched on a tree branch chirping the song “Say A Little Prayer For You”.

The breeze and fresh air heightened our joy as we couldn’t stop smiling and remembering the wonderful moments we had at our wedding.

Okay, okay I admit it wasn’t like that. We got stuck in a traffic jam in KL on the way to Karak highway. After half an hour we decided to stop and have breakfast before continuing our journey.

The drive to Kuantan was quite uneventful except for the adventure we had exploring the lonely roads outside Kuantan town. Am I the only one to complain that there are no signboards to Cherating?

We arrived at the hotel and checked in to our ‘chalet’ which was actually a dim room raised on stilts. We had lunch at the hotel coffee house where we ordered some western food. The hotel was quite deserted, and it took quite a long time for the food to be served. While waiting we took out my new Nikon D40 camera and took some photos.

My darling at the coffee house. So happy the wedding is over.

Enjoying the cool sea breeze. So happy we got there in one piece.

Our honey lime honeymoon comes with lemon in the ice water!

During lunch I decided to ask for another room. The hotel staff were so nice. They gave us a free upgrade to a suite. After eating we went to our big big room.

A king sized bed, my wife and junk food. What more could a man want?

Behind that curtain is a view of the pool. It’s not the Sheraton, but this is nice too.

The bath tub. My first experience (with bath salts la!)

Why do I like taking photos of the bathroom? I guess I’m just happy to find it clean.

Funny story about our room. We had to call housekeeping several times to ask for some items that were missing, such as floor mats and a lightbulb (!?), and we had to get them to fix a leak in the toilet. They actually dismantled the whole WC and spent 15 minutes doing a mini-renovation in there! We didn’t care about the disruption and lack of privacy since we were on holiday.

The view outside our room

At night we went to have dinner at the coffee house again. We didn’t know where else to eat, since we were told that the hotel was far far away from civilisation (turns out that restaurants were just 10 minutes away). We sampled their Chinese dishes menu. The best dish I could take a photo of was this…

Overpriced braised broccoli with mushrooms

The next morning we woke up early and went to the beach to see the sun rise. Unfortunately there were too many clouds that morning.

*Playing around with my camera tripod* WHACK! “Darling, got mosquitoes here la”

I don’t know why the camera caught such a bright picture… it was actually quite dark.

We spent the rest of our honey lime honeymoon doing romantic stuff such as:

  1. Holding hands
  2. Walks on the beach (before I got sunburned)
  3. Eating slow meals
  4. Planning what to do next
  5. Napping
  6. Exploring the resort trying to see how other rooms look like
  7. Writing Thank-you cards to our wedding helpers
  8. Trying to cook a teppanyaki dinner
  9. Dan lain lain lagi

I looked at so many coconut trees that I got a coconut tree dream last week.

We really enjoyed ourselves. It was nice and quiet. The perfect setting for our honey lime honeymoon. The hotel staff was friendly and the room was clean. We would definitely visit Cherating again some day.

P/S: I have no idea what a honey lime honeymoon means, but doesn’t it sound so cute?

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4 thoughts on “Honey Lime Honeymoon At Cherating”

  1. Wow, must be very relaxed and ‘relieved’ after the wedding, right?
    Congratulations, by the way, on your wedding.

    Adino: Yeah hehe… very relaxed that all the planning and stress is over. Welcome to my blog! 🙂

  2. Bole tak saya nk tau dekat mane awak duduk masa kt cherating…sbb tmpt die cantek sgt. Bape semalam?

    Adino: I stayed at Cherating Holiday Villa. The room costs RM230 per night, but it was during the off season. Thanks for visiting my blog Minah!

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