Help, I’m Drowning

I forget if I have mentioned this before. About a month ago I took on additional responsibilities at my job because someone left the company and there was an urgent vacancy to fill.

I was nominated for the position due to my experience and seniority I guess. After some thought I decided that it would be a good career move and agreed to take on dual roles.

That was the easy part. I’m sure that some of you could spot the problem immediately.

The difficulties I’m facing right now are:

  1. Time. It just isn’t possible to do two jobs at the same time. I have to work longer hours just to meet the demands of both my roles.
  2. Focus. I find it so hard to focus on completing my tasks. It seems like my day never turns out as planned because the new position comes with its share of disasters, emergencies, damage control and administration duties.
  3. Quality. I cannot be as pro-active as I want to be. I cannot spend more time on little details as I want.
  4. Everything is new. Most of what I (thought I) knew about the database administrator job function is only the tip of the iceberg. There have been several times where I had to face tremendous pressure trying to fix a problem without incurring data or business loss.

Well, not everything is that bad. As I am writing this post I start to realize that there are some plus points too. Bear with me as I console myself (haha):

  1. I’m not alone. I have two helpful colleagues to delegate my tasks and some minor responsibilities to.
  2. I’m learning a lot because I’m forced to stay on top of things. I also get to go for training (yay!).
  3. The new challenge is exciting. It is refreshing to have something new to conquer.
  4. I get to learn a bit of people management, because it is a team lead role.
  5. My chances for a promotion next year looks promising.

In the meantime, I have a lot of thinking and planning to do.

Do any of you have advice for me?

Photo: Petr Kovar

8 thoughts on “Help, I’m Drowning”

  1. i think it’s called teething problems. once you’re on top of the game, you get to make the rules & move the goal-posts. heh heh!

    (& i thought i was the only one with Sith traits!)

    Adino: That would be something to look forward to… the question is when I manage to get on top of the game.

  2. Is this temporary until someone gets hired to fill half the position? I hope you get the promotion next year and buy Poey Chin a nice car. Haha

    Adino: There will be a new system being implemented next year which will drastically bring down the work load. I hope.

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