Hands and Feet

This morning I just uploaded a batch of photos from my camera. I did not have any time to do post-production (cheh, sounds so pro).

The photos shown here were taken earlier this month, when Rachel was just 5 months old.

I call this series of photos hands and feet, because baby Rachel is getting more control over her hands and feet.

As usual, photo captions are below the photo itself.

Rachel is already able to flip over quite professionally. She does it in a blink of an eye. She also learned how to rotate her body 360 degrees when she’s on her tummy. In this photo, you can see how she turned all the way around in her baby crib.

A closeup of her fingers. She can grab things with her hands now. Sometimes when I carry her on my lap at the computer, she wants to type on the keyboard. The other day she grabbed my bowl of pan mee at the restaurant.

She has started to recognize her toys like her bedtime bear bear, her doggy and her daddy.

She has this habit of hooking her feet together like that. This is something that Poey Chin does all the time.

She can raise her head even higher than last month. Now she can peek over her crib to see what daddy and mama are doing.

Hello uncles, aunties, ko kos and jie jies!

Her usual spot at the mattress in our living room. Enjoy the next few photos of her smiling.

I can’t wait to come home from work each day to hug her and kiss her!

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