Good Food in Melaka?

This Saturday I will be driving to Melaka together with my wife. It’s going to be a mini-honeymoon trip, so I’ve booked us into the most luxurious hotel in town 🙂

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good place to have lunch? I would prefer something local such as Baba Nyonya food. Could any Melaka locals let me know a good restaurant (good food at reasonable prices) and directions to get there please? No chicken rice balls or other tourist spots thank you.

2 thoughts on “Good Food in Melaka?”

  1. if u like banana leave rice, then do try out a… “Selvam” restaurant, its nearby the red house, before u reach red house, there’s a public bank (and next to public bank its Tabung haji and police station), so Selvam is sorta opposite public bank…. erm, u get my description? LOL

    as for baba nyonya food… i’ve yet to come across a favourite one, but there are many of such restos in melaka raya, and i see their biz is always good. u can try out!

    oh and there’s one place that serves kick ass thosai and char kuey teow. i think the name of the street is jalan laksamana. (both shops are side by side, at night u sit out and u can order from both shops)

    thats all i can think of now lol

    Adino: Yummy! Thanks, I’ll write these down and see where we end up.

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