Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Fwd: READ THIS!!!

I confess that I sometimes dread receiving emails from people I know. Not that I don’t like hearing from them, but it’s the content inside.

Last week I received an email about being careful of Malaysian taxi drivers because they can gas you and then rape you.

Such emails come with their share of horrible grammar, weird fonts and colours, bad formatting, meaningless repetitions and the obligatory WARNING IN CAPS!!!

I got so mad that I prepared this reply:

Dear all,

I really hate to say this, because I might offend someone.

My objective here is only to educate.

I feel that forwarding such stories is irresponsible because
a) There is no credible source
b) It doesn’t make sense (if you stop to think about it)
c) You don’t know if it’s true (it’s probably not)

In some cases, forwarding emails with ‘health tips’ may even be dangerous.

May I suggest that we all take a moment to research stories and stop to think before hitting that forward button.

I also want to beg you to start using bcc if you feel the need to send a mass email that can potentially be forwarded outside the group. Otherwise you are exposing our email addresses to be picked up by spammers.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Adino Chang

I didn’t send it, of course. The last time I sent a reply like that, I think I offended that person.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I love getting emails from my friends, even those cute emails of encouragement and friendship.

I just draw the line at spreading rumours.

But… they could be TRUE! It is NOT A LIE! You must BELIEVE IT! Tell you friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, cockroaches and dogs about it!

You may ask me to just press ‘delete’. I’ve done that a thousand times and it doesn’t work.

And don’t get me started on the overuse of icons in MSN. I really can’t interpret what they’re trying to say, and I just say bluntly “Sorry I can’t understand… too many icons”.

Or the Facebook wall posts that say “forward this to see what happens” (nothing can happen).

What irritates you? Chain letters? Offers to transfer money from third world countries? Serial forwarders?

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9 thoughts on “Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Fwd: READ THIS!!!”

  1. Anything that has more than one “Fw” or “FW” or “Fwd” or “FWD” annoys me. I normally don’t care what’s in there, and most of the time I glance across it and hit Delete. The most annoying kinds are those forward-or-you-get-bad-luck chain letters.

    Last time, I got warning/chain letter about “Postcard” [claimed to be a name for a virus]. I’m not utterly sure that it’s fake (since fake postcard scams do exist), but I won’t pass anything that scare-mongers people, especially when it contains highly doubtful info.

    Adino: The thing about hitting delete is, it keeps coming!

  2. hey yea.. i hate those mails too… the ones that come along with a threat saying you’ll get bad luck for duno how many years if you don’t forward it to duno how many people.. and another annoying one is where you’re asked to fwd the mail to a number of people or your account will be deleted.. people actually believed those and start forwarding.. arghh..

    Adino: Unfortunately, this is why chain letters still exist today, even though it’s plain abuse of email.

  3. nothing better to do~
    piak them..

    Adino: Sometimes it’s not that they have nothing better to do. They are passing on a message with good intentions, but sometimes these messages are false and could be dangerous.

  4. I’ll just delete anything that seems unfounded. Cutesy or inspiring stuff I may send on, but only to a select few whom I think would appreciate receiving it. That’s how I forward my mails anyway. Oh, and I try not to send the same email to people in the same social circle as the sender. Chances are they’ve already gotten it from the same person who sent it to me. Oh, and I fervently believe in the bcc function, unless I’m sending a personal email to someone. πŸ˜€

    Adino: Maybe I was just in a grumpy, lack of sleep mood when I drafted that reply letter. Normally I just hit delete too.

  5. I am ok with that la.. as I read fwd mail la

    Adino: Be careful that you don’t believe everything you read. Most of the information is not accurate.

  6. You know what I do?
    I make sure I write an email back to them, scolding them, pointing out their mistakes, and telling them in no uncertain term that I do not want such email in the future
    Usually that works

    Adino: I worry about offending them

  7. Ah wat happened? I didnt know Wuching has been promoted oops not wuching but Sith Lord Wuching. btw wat is sith and wat is lord huh?

    Adino: Sith Lord is the opposite of Jedi Master… using dark side of the Force.

  8. amen brother! I’m with you on this one

    I almost wanted to do something like that especially leading up to the last general elections when people were e-mailing mass e-mails around saying they weren’t forcing anyone to vote for any party in particular, but the e-mails were worded in such a way that there could be no mistaking what they were propagating.

    then, of course, there are those generic e-mails that tell you that such-and-such a company will donate x amount of money for every time this e-mail is forwarded.I think that these American megacompanies would be smart enough to actually donate the money rather than spend money attempting to track one silly e-mail all around the world, wouldn’t they?

    btw, what church do you go to? It’s good to meet you, albeit in cyberspace πŸ™‚

    Adino: Sadly, this form of email abuse will never go away unless people are forced to pay for each email they send.

    I attend DUMC in Section 14, PJ.

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