Drama continues to unfold in the silver pond of Perak.

So many frogs are jumping here and there, and so many rumours of frogs just waiting to jump.

Some support the frogs, some are against the frogs, some became anti-frogs.

A lot of unseen things are happening under the water. I don’t know if there are really things going on, or if they are just conspiracy theories.

There are even rumours of frog activity in other ponds like Negeri Sembilan.

I do find this entire episode quite amusing.

If you asked me last year what I thought of this, I would have been upset about the unfairness of it all. But wasn’t I also hoping the same would happen (but the frogs jumping the opposite direction)?

Now, to me it’s just politics. Both sides are doing their ‘job’ so to speak. If doctors cure patients, engineers build and teachers teach, then politicians will politic.

I’m not going to publish my opinions on the legality or ethics of frog jumping. Other bloggers more eloquent than me will be able to give you a better read.

Anyway, the Sultan of Perak will decide today if the dark blue frogs or the red/light blue/green frogs will be the masters of the pond.

I just trust that whatever the outcome, nothing happens without God’s approval.

Photo By: Sisi Fili

4 thoughts on “Frogs”

  1. Never ever trust politicians…

    Adino: Haha, most people tend to say that. However I think that there are many who really do a good job serving their constituents. For example, I see President Obama making many positive changes, and closer to my home the ADUN of Subang Jaya is also doing a great job.

  2. What’s this thing about frog jumping? I’m confused.

    Adino: Some politicians from one party and hopping over to the opposite party, causing a transition in state government.

  3. i dont like frogs. period. especially if they betray ppls’ trust

    Adino: Betrayal is too kind a word to describe what they did.

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