I’m getting forgetful.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve accidentally left my laptop at home.

Yesterday was one such occasion. I was so preoccupied with getting Rachel to the daycare center, that I totally forgot about my own laptop bag.

I happily arrived in office early expecting to get some work done before the start of the day, only to realize with horror that my laptop was still sitting at home.

So I had to drive all the way home and be caught in traffic jam again.

Just to get my laptop. Sometimes I wish I could just ask my boss to let me work from home.

I’m forgetful in other areas of my life too.

Sometimes I tell myself to run an errand, but I totally forget to do it. I’m trying to keep a to-do list on my phone, but sometimes I don’t even carry my phone around.

Just last night, Poey Chin asked me to order a McChicken. I picked up the phone, got through to the ordering service and promptly ordered a Fillet o Fish instead.

And I didn’t even realize my mistake until Poey Chin told me.

So I’m getting quite forgetful nowadays. I realize it’s part of my aging process, which could be the topic of another blog post.

I hope I haven’t blogged about being forgetful before on this blog. Wouldn’t it be really funny if I had, and I didn’t remember?

Update: After I published this post, the ‘Related Post’ below reminded me that yes, indeed, I have blogged about this before. *shy*

3 thoughts on “Forgetful”

  1. Young man, you’re just in your 30s….many more years to reach the forgetful era. i think you’re just too pre-occupied with something. Get those things out of your mind and relax man. Then you’ll have clear focus. Pre-occupied with children? With work? With…… Just relax brother. GB.

    Adino: Haha yeah maybe that’s it

  2. LOL @ the related post.

    Sometimes it’s not due to aging but life stress.

    Adino: Haha I thought it was embarrassing. Maybe it is just too much stress.

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